Where To Eat in Beijing 🍚 Your Complete Guide (for 2021)

Where to eat in Beijing

Restaurants in Beijing You Must Visit (2021 Edition)

Planning on heading to China’s capital in the near future? Then the chances are you are looking to discover where to eat in Beijing.

TRB Hutong - Dinner Menu
TRB Hutong – Dinner Menu

Luckily for you, both Bianca and I spent 3 years in Beijing together and know the culinary scene inside out.

Beijing is a great place for food because you don’t just get to enjoy some of China’s finest dishes, but a whole mixture of worldwide cuisine that has no boundaries.

One thing we never got sick of in Beijing was discovering new eateries and today, we are going to introduce you to our favourites.

This is a list that showcases some great cheap options, alongside some of the finest INCLUDING the World’s #1 Restaurant as voted by Tripadvisor for 2020!

BE WARNED THOUGH – things in Beijing, and China in general tend to change quick. We will strive to keep this article updated, but do be warned things chop and change very fast in Beijing meaning places close and re-open in completely different locations with little notice!

Ready…? Let’s take a tour around, and find out where to eat in Beijing!

Where to Eat in Beijing – Nanluoguxiang’s Duck Wrap

Where to Eat in Beijing – TRB Hutong

Where to Eat in Beijing – Bulgari Hotel

Where to Eat in Beijing – Saigon Mama

Where to Eat in Beijing – Bottega / La Pizza

Where to Eat in Beijing – Georgia’s Feast

Where to Eat in Beijing – Hulu

Where to Eat in Beijing – Dadong Duck

Where to Eat in Beijing – Buona Bocca

Classified Tai Hang - How do you like your eggs?

Where to Eat in Beijing – Nanluoguxiang’s Duck Wrap

The cheapest option of the lot, in fact this will set you back all of 3GBP roughly (30CNY local price).

It’s the only street food option on our list but it’s sooo good you simply must try it once.

Cities across China have their specialty’s, like many cities worldwide.

Where to eat in Beijing - Nanluoguxiang
Nanluoguxiang in Beijing

Beijing (or as many may also know it, Peking) has Roast Duck.

In England where I grew up, you’d often see Peking Duck Wrap’s in the Meal Deal sections. Where did that concept come from?

This entry here.

HOT TIP – Roast Duck in Chinese is 烤鸭, look out for the characters when walking down this popular alley.

Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷 is a famous alley/hutong in the heart of Beijing that sells a tonne of souvenirs, food, drinks, snacks and other items. About half way up the alley, you’ll see small eatery with Roast Duck in the window, this is your destination.

Don’t worry you don’t need knowledge of Chinese either!

Simply a gesture on your hand of how many you want would suffice and within minutes, it’s being made in front of your very eyes.

Eat it just outside and watch the vibrant area come to life. It’s a proper, traditional Beijing experience that you should absolutely partake in.

Don’t worry though, if you want to sit down and enjoy the duck being carved in front of you, we’ve got another option later in the list just for you!

HOW TO GET THERE? Nice and easy, you can use the Beijing Metro where Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷 has it’s own station on Lines 6 and 8. Head for Exit E and you’ll come out right at the start of the alley. Head north on you’ll see the little eatery on your right side.

PRICE? – Less than a fiver, as cheap as it gets (30CNY local currency).

REVIEWS – as this is effectively street food you won’t find a Tripadvisor page for them but take our word for it, this is well worth a visit. FIVE STARS from us!

Where to Eat in Beijing – TRB Hutong

TRB Hutong Entrance - a dramatic feel
TRB Hutong Entrance – a dramatic feel

Probably Bianca and my favourite restaurant in Beijing for food and also for sentiment.

TRB was also voted the WORLDS BEST RESTAURANT in 2020 by Tripadvisor.

An astounding achievement, but one I can certainly vouch for having been 3 times now.

TRB have a number of restaurants dotted around Beijing, including another picturesque version right outside the Forbidden City, but it’s the Hutong version that won a place in our hearts.

We enjoyed an incredible 30th birthday celebration there, where the staff were utterly exemplary, and the food equally to boot.

I even booked in Bianca and my engagement celebration to be here, but I was devastated to find out the night before they had to shut due to the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A great shame (but I saved it, and went to the next entry on the list)!

HOT TIP – TRB have a number of restaurants in Beijing, with another great spin off called Hulu, which we come to shortly.

It’s hard to put into words how enjoyable it is, how relaxed it is, and how good the food is. You cannot leave here without wanting to roll out because you are full to the brim.

Splash out and enjoy the wine pairings that come with the dishes and trust us, you will be looked after and have the time of your lives.

You’ll also enjoy a few little treats thrown in from the staff.

If you want to find out more, check out our full and extensive TRB Hutong review here.

HOW TO GET THERE? It’s actually not that far from the above entry at all. Unfortunately Google listings for places in China can be either a little inaccurate, or completely wide of the mark given China’s “relationship” with Google. That said hopefully our map below helps.

A line from the website I did enjoy a lot – “because finding us is part of the experience”, which having been there, I can attest to!

PRICE? Given the quality I find it great value, and if you go for lunch, even better. We went with some friends and enjoyed a 4 course menu for 388RMB (barely 40GBP). Dinner is of course more expensive, and add in the wine, and the price hikes quickly but still fair value in my eyes.

REVIEWS – Check out their (incredible) Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Bulgari Hotel

Another place we hold close to our hearts and another pricey night out also!

Bianca treated me to an evening at the Bulgari hotel for my 30th birthday and wow it didn’t disappoint.

Where to eat in Beijing - Bulgari Hotel
Who said turning 30 has to be depressing?!

I’d never really been a huge fan of fancy restaurants before, especially in China when you can eat incredible food, so cheap, all over the city.

A trip to the Bulgari hotel changed everything for me.

So much so that, after having the heartache of TRB’s cancellation as mentioned above, I immediately got on the phone to the Bulgari to book our engagement night there. This wasn’t a case of sloppy seconds by any stretch. It’s top, top class.

As with TRB the service is second to none, greeted also by the chef. There are some great wine pairings and a wide variety of excellent dishes served over and over again! The food is endless.

The restaurant is on the ground floor and called IL RISTORANTE with chef NIKO ROMITO who came over to us and we had a lovely chat.

The menu is vast, with an amazing Degustazione option or A la Carte. You can download the menu here.

HOT TIP – Got a special occasion? BOOK HERE!

This isn’t proper Beijing cuisine – but when talking about where to eat in Beijing and splashing out, there is no doubt a trip to the Bulgari hotel will become one of your highlights for your time in Beijing.

HOW TO GET THERE? – The Bulgari Hotel is located just north of the Liangma river, easiest to get to by taxi. You can give this address to the Taxi Driver – 朝阳区新源南路8号院2号楼 (Building 2 Courtyard No. 8 Xinyuan South Road).

PRICE? – Not cheap, but well worth it. The Degustazione comes to 1,688RMB person, without the wine pairing (which then becomes 2,976RMB).

REVIEWS – Check out their Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Saigon Mama

Vietnamese cuisine fast became a favourite of mine living in Asia and whilst I sit writing this in Europe as we speak, I can say I miss it greatly!

Le Petite Saigon - Hong Kong's Best Banh Mi
If you don’t know what a Banh Mi is… check it out

Saigon Mama isn’t going to get your heart racing with the sheer quality.

In fact many Vietnamese may well visit and claim it’s nothing in contrast to the local food (I’ve sadly not been to Vietnam yet so cannot compare) but what I will say is they do a fantastic Banh Mi!!

SPEAKING OF WHICH – check out exactly what a Banh Mi is with my review of the best Banh Mi in Hong Kong here!

Saigon Mama provides great value and a wide variety of different Vietnamese dishes which always boast fresh ingredients, a wealth of flavours and something for everyone.

I often held our work Marketing lunches here because it’s simple food but so pleasing!!

HOT TIP – Pho is Vietnam’s main dish. Although I harp on about the Banh Mi, Pho is where it’s at if you want proper, hearty Vietnamese cuisine!

If you are near the central area of Sanlitun (where the foreigners dwell basically), head over here for a great lunchtime fill.

HOW TO GET THERE – Again our map isn’t the most accurate with no Google listing for Saigon Mama, so instead we point to the Apple store which is the central part of the Sanlitun shopping area.

Simply follow the signs to the restaurant area upstairs and you’ll find it easily enough. The nearest Metro stop is Tuanjiehu 团结湖 which is on line 10.

PRICE? – One of the cheaper options on the list which shouldn’t set you back more than a tenner (in GBP).

REVIEWS – Check out their Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Bottega / La Pizza

Italian cuisine in China – why? Sometimes you just want to murder a pizza don’t you!?

Luckily for you, Beijing has a few of great Italian eateries.

We’ll come to a great Aperitivo place later but Bottega and La Pizza play host to Beijing’s best Pizza’s.

Both incredibly popular with locals and foreigners alike, you are always sure to stumble across a number of Italian’s in these two restaurants also, showing the quality of them. They wouldn’t go otherwise, right?!

Bianca and our Italian friends also give it a big thumbs up. The owners and chefs at both are native Italian, giving the genuine Neapolitan experience, the home of Pizza. In fact I believe both Daniele and Giuseppe (respective owners) are both from Naples.

HOT TIP – The Diavola Pizza at Bottega is a winner.

I wrote an extensive review about Bottega here where you can discover more.


Bottega – as with Saigon Mama, Bottega is right in the heart of Sanlitun next to the Apple Store (upstairs) on the beautiful Nali Patio area. They also have a second branch in Beijing. This area plays hots to a load of different bars and restaurants.

La Pizza – thankfully we have a google listing here, but again there are two branches in Beijing and one is in that ever popular area of Sanlitun, ironically not too far from the Italian embassy.

PRICE? – Both are reasonably priced and mid range on our list of where to eat in Beijing. Italians will tell you it’s much more pricey than getting the equivalent in Italy, but that can be said for any other Italian in capital cities around the world. in general.

You can’t go wrong with either of the two.


Bottega’s Tripadvisor page is here

La Pizza’s Tripadvisor page is here

Where to Eat in Beijing – Georgia’s Feast

A little left-field choice here, and one I have a Kazakh colleague to thank for introducing me to.

Georgia’s Feast is a showcase of Georgian cuisine (surprise surprise), and if you aren’t familiar with it, don’t judge it until you’ve tried it.

Georgian cuisine has a cracking mixture of wonderful flavours, my favourite being the incredible, hearty dumplings they do here. Perfect for a cold winter’s evening in Beijing.

Georgia's Feast - Where to eat in Beijing

Not many cities around the world would give Georgian cuisine the time of day but that’s the great thing about Beijing, you can find anything here.

I very much liked this quote from the owner – “the dishes are served the same (as China) â€“ family-style â€“ but the difference is in the presentation; people don’t care much about the presentation in Georgia but customers here eat with their eyes, ears, and mouths.”

You’ll have a great time here and be treated exceptionally by the warm and kind team.

I genuinely recommend going, simply for something a little different. But of course if you are Georgian, or familiar with the cuisine, you’ll be equally pleased as this place is always full of Russian’s Ukrainian’s, Georgian’s and the like!

HOT TIP – go for the amazing Cheese Bread (adjaruli khachapuri).

The rest, well, I’ll leave that to your imagination!

HOW TO GET THEREYou guessed it, Georgia’s Feast is based towards Sanlitun neighbourhood. Although not quite in the thick of the action like some of our previous entries this is still easy enough to get to, as you’ll be based just north of the main action.

Show a taxi driver this address – 格鲁·秀色西餐厅:朝阳区三里屯北小街2号

The map below will also get you in the right area, but with no Google listing, you’ll have to take our word for it!

PRICE? – Mid range, typically with Georgian food, as the quote shows above, food is shared so depending on your group number, order a few dishes, knock back some Georgian wine and you’ll leave 100% satisfied for a reasonable cost. The more people you have, the cheaper it becomes.

REVIEWS – Check out their Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Hulu

So we come back to our friends TRB.

When I first heard about Hulu opening (I think around 2018) and that it was another featured restaurant from the TRB group I knew straight away I had to go here.

The menu looked perfect for a Sunday Brunch on the rooftop in the heart of Beijing (yes, Sanlitun again)!

Hulu - Eating in Beijing
Comfort food at it’s finest (picture taken from the Hulu website)

The homepage of the Hulu website describes the experience as “all day comfort sharing food”.

There is simply no better way to describe it.

HOT TIP – Book ahead, and request a rooftop seat. It’s only 3 floors high but this really adds to the experience as the terrace is super nice.

A whole plethora of dishes lay at your disposal, but this is best enjoyed on a warm day where you can enjoy the rooftop views of the city.

The food? Think comfort food, warm, hearty croquettes, platters of cold cuts, skewers… all kinds of lovely delights! Order to your hearts content.

HOW TO GET THERE See most entries above! Head to Sanlitun (Tuanjiehu Metro stop) and go to the 3rd Floor of Taikooli (3F Taikoo Li South). Couldn’t be much easier.

Again the map below is a rough guide

PRICE? – Not the cheapest on our list but a cheaper alternative to TRB. You can probably get by at 200CNY each but a lot depends on if you are drinking of course!

REVIEWS – Check out the Hulu Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Dadong Duck

Another place in Beijing close to our hearts because this was in fact the location of Bianca and my first ever date!

Sentiments aside, that is not why I’m listing it.

First dates are all about setting the right impression and in Dadong Duck I knew I was onto a winner!

Where to eat in Beijing - Dadong Duck

SPOILER ALERT – it’s 3 years later, we’re still together and getting married in 2021! Dadong Duck must’ve been a hit!

Dadong Duck, in my opinion, provides the best Beijing Roast Duck in all of city.

The setting is gorgeous, the restaurant is very big and very open, and the food is a complete delight.

The Duck (which of course you order here, along with a load of side dishes) is the showpiece and it’s carved and prepared in front of your very eyes.

HOT TIP – The Duck skin is the winner. Before tucking into the meat itself, grab some fried Duck skin with those chopsticks and dip in sugar. This is a genuinely wonderful melt-in-the-mouth experience!

I could go on and on with Dadong Duck but let’s leave it like this…

For a quick street food experience, head to Nanluoguxiang as mentioned above. For the proper restaurant experience get to Dadong Duck and enjoy every minute.

Beijing plays host to a tonne of Duck places and many are in fact cheaper, but we are paying for the all round experience here. If you are only in Beijing for less than a couple of weeks, you want to do it right!

HOW TO GET THEREBeijing has a number of branches but my favourite was always the Workers Stadium branch. The stadium has now actually been demolished but (at the time of writing) the restaurant remains on the east gate entrance.

In case it’s now no longer there the restaurant name in Chinese is 大董烤鸭店. Hand that to a taxi driver and you’ll be taken to the nearest one. You should never be too far from one.

This map below shows another branch at the Workers branch has no Google listing

PRICE? – On the pricier side but cheaper than TRB and Bulgari. As stated you can actually enjoy Roast Duck in Beijing really very cheap in restaurants throughout the city, but we pay for service and experience here.

REVIEWS – Check out their Tripadvisor page here.

Where to Eat in Beijing – Buona Bocca

Another Italian entry here, but a place I feel doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

Buona Bocca is a humble size, but provides some fantastic Italian cuisine at fairly reasonable prices.

Buona Bocca Beijing - Out the front

The setting is nice, with a sharp interior and outdoor seating also.

You are away from the main hustle and bustle of Sanlitun but still close enough to jump right back in if need be.

The perfect place to get your night started or for just a light aperitivo and some snacks.

Bianca and I became regular visitors here towards the backend of our time in Beijing and the only regret was we didn’t find it sooner!

I wrote a more complete review about Buona Bocca which you can find here.

HOW TO GET THERENot super close to any Metro stop so a tax might be best here.

Hand this address too Mr Taxi Man – 幸福三村小区新东路朝阳区

If you are using the Beijing Metro, the nearest is about a 15 minute walk which is Tuanjiehu 团结湖 located on Line 10.

Here is the walk if you wish

PRICE? – Reasonable, mid range and fairly standard for Italian food in Beijing.

REVIEWS – Check out their Tripadvisor page here.

There we have it, now you know where to eat in Beijing.

We tried to provide a mixture of local and western cuisine at a mixture of prices to appeal to as many tastes as possible.

Beijing is a place where you can find cuisines from all four corners of the planet, at varying price scales. The food culture is truly wonderful there.

Let us know what you think of our list, and if we missed out a favourite of yours, tell us, and we’ll check it out!

Where to Eat in Beijing – FAQ’s

Can you enjoy foreign cuisine in Beijing?

Absolutely, there are a tonne of options for you from all over the world in Beijing.

What is the most famous dish in Beijing?

Beijing is known for it’s world famous Roast Duck.

Where can I eat Roast Duck in Beijing?

Pretty much everywhere!
The most famous and historic is a brand called Quanjude but our two favourites are:
For the street – head to Nanluoguxiang Hutong.
For a restaurant – Dadong Duck.

Is Beijing an expensive city for food?

Not really at all compared to other foreign capitals. You can eat fairly cheaply but this does depend on if you choose to eat Chinese (local) or foreign food.

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