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TRB Hutong - Lunch Menu

TRB Hutong Review – Beijing’s Best Restaurant

Unfortunately for TRB, the title of “Beijing’s Best Restaurant” is merely our opinion, rather than an official reward. That said, if we inspire just a couple of our readers to go there, it’s all very much taking the time to provide you with this TRB Hutong Review.

In fact it’s a mere travesty TRB has not been awarded a Michelin Star yet.

On the flipside however, it was voted Tripadvisors #1 Restaurant in the World which is an incredible feat! Already you know you are in for something special!

TRB Hutong Entrance - a dramatic feel
TRB Hutong Entrance – a dramatic feel

TRB Hutong is a place Bianca and I hold so close to our hearts for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we have spent a couple of important celebrations there, having absolutely loved the whole experience the first time we went.

SIDE NOTE – I actually booked this to celebrate our engagement, but sadly due to COVID-19 the restaurant closed the day before…. heartbreak! Anyway enough of that…

Secondly, the staff, who virtually became friends. So kind, so caring, just fantastic people who were genuinely interested in getting to know us.

Thirdly, the place serves world class cuisine, in a Grade A setting. What’s more, the cost compared to many of the worlds finest restaurants is a fraction on what you could be paying. One of the positive points of being in Beijing.

TRB (standing for Temple Restaurant Beijing) is actually a chain, there are a number in Beijing going by the names of:

  • TRB Hutong (the subject of today’s review
  • TRB Forbidden City
  • Hulu
  • Merci

TRB Hutong and Forbidden City are virtually the same, with only the setting being different.

We sampled all four restaurants, and it must be said, they are all great, but the Hutong came out on top for overall experience, hence this TRB Hutong review.

TRB Hutong Review – Where is it?

TRB Hutong Review – Arriving

TRB Hutong Review – Staff & Service

TRB Hutong ReviewFood

TRB Hutong Review Final Thoughts

TRB Hutong Review FAQ’s

TRB Hutong Review – Where is it?

There’s a line I liked a lot on the “Location” page of the TRB Hutong website:

Directions – Because Finding Us Is Part of The Experience:

This perfectly sums up life in Beijing’s Hutongs. They are a maze, where you a supposed to get lost. If you didn’t, you did it wrong!

Luckily for you, finding TRB Hutong isn’t that hard to find, although, due to China’s Google restrictions, they do not have a Google Maps listing so we’ll have to trust their website here (don’t worry, we can verify it having been)!

ADDRESS – 23 Sha Tan Bei Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing


If you are taking the Metro to TRB Hutong you’ll be looking for DONGSI Station 东四站 (Line 5/6), Exit E. From there head westwards and take a right turn onto Shatan North Street (沙滩北街).

We normally just grab a taxi because they are super cheap in Beijing.

When arriving the entrance is calm, tranquil and rather dramatic, especially if arriving after dark or sunset. In the midst of a busy, bustling city, this is a wonderful escape.

TRB Hutong - The Entrance
TRB Hutong – The Entrance (picture taken from their official website

TRB Hutong Review – Arriving

Upon arriving to TRB Hutong it’s well worth taking a little look around outside. It encapsulates Beijing’s historic culture as best it can with some lovely touches.

As we don’t want to spoil the little surprises we won’t say too much more, just arrive a little early and take a wonder around this little area which is a lovely, soothing way to start the experience.

When heading inside, the staff are awaiting, equipped with smiles and all with a good grasp of English (although we did our best to try and keep the chat in Chinese too help our Mandarin)!

From here, you are taken to your seat and the fun commences!

TRB Hutong Review – Staff & Service

One can visit Michelin Star restaurants and enjoy great food.

TRB Hutong - Getting Started
TRB Hutong – Getting Started

There are thousands of expensive, and inexpensive eateries globally that provide exquisite food experiences, but coupling that with service is what separates the good from the great, and the great from the best.

TRB Hutong, more so than any other restaurant I have experienced, provided a service that left a lasting memory to both Bianca and I.

They were so responsive with emails and so caring with requests.

Our first visit to TRB Hutong (our first TRB experience in general) was for Bianca’s birthday on a warm summers afternoon in July 2019.

TRB catered to everyone I asked for and more… with big smiles and top class delivery. We got chatting to a new member of staff there, also called Max, from Spain.

He had not long arrived in Beijing. We had a good chat about life in China having been there for much longer and we exchanged contact details and remained in touch since.

All the other staff were also a joy to deal with.

For me, this is what made a great experience, the best. The difference genuine, friendly human interaction can make to a restaurant experience cannot be understated.

Well done TRB Hutong team.

TRB Hutong Review – The Food

OK, this is why you are really here, so let’s crack on with the important bits!

The small menu I posted at the start of the article was our 2nd visit to TRB which included a brilliant 4 course lunch menu for just 388RMB (just 44GBP, 50EUR, 54USD, 86AUD).

Here’s the menu again in case you missed it…
TRB Hutong Entrance - a dramatic feel
TRB Hutong Entrance – a dramatic feel

This is fantastic value for a world class experience which you can enhance further with the wine pairing at 588RMB per person, just 134GBP for a memorable meal for two.

Of course, dinner is more expensive, and with an ever changing menu and options, it’s best to contact TRB for the latest menu choices rather than look at an old menu we have posted.

They have a brunch menu and a dinner menu of which you have two options.

  • Set Menu (choose from a number of courses)
  • Be Picky Be Choosy – this is your chance to pick a number of dishes from the whole menu, in case the set-menu doesn’t quite float your boat.

TRB often bring in world renowned chefs who provide their own glorious menus for local Beijingers and the rest to enjoy.

Here are some of the dishes we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying:

  • Wagyu Beef (sublime)
  • Pork Belly
  • Duck with Beetroot and Coffee (trust us, it works)
  • Beef Tartare

Everything is delivered in great time and presented to you, with an introduction from the chef themselves or the staff.

The pairing of some of the flavours is sublime.

TRB Hutong Review - One final complimentary treat to finish you off
TRB Hutong Review – One final complimentary treat to finish you off

Duck, Beetroot and Coffee… really? Passion Fruit and Cauliflower… what?!

They just make it work. Ingenious work from the chef.

WANT TO SEE THE MENU AND SOME REVIEWS? If you want to discover some recent menu choices and read some incredible TRB reviews, check out their Tripadvisor page.

You are served the complimentary champagne on arrival and can enjoy a generous bread basket also before getting started.

If that wasn’t enough, just when you couldn’t fit anymore in, you are served these lovely little treats to end you!

We thoroughly recommend splashing out on the wine pairing also, we had an absolute blast for Bianca’s birthday and could barely move when we left.

There was so much food, we could barely keep up with the new glass of wine for each course.

TRB Hutong Review – Final Thoughts

Wonderful memories, and a genuinely incredible food experience in the cultural capital of China.

It’s quite simple, if you come to Beijing there are two things you need to splash out on.

One of them is a visit to TRB Hutong, the other is to stay at Hotel Eclat!

In the midst of this hectic city, lies a culinary gem that was voted Tripadvisor’s #1 Restaurant WORLDWIDE in 2019… need we say anymore.

TRB Hutong Review – FAQ’s

Where is TRB Hutong?

If you are taking the Metro to TRB Hutong you’ll be looking for DONGSI Station, Exit E. From there head westwards and take a right turn onto Shatan North Street (沙滩北街).

ADDRESS – 23 Sha Tan Bei Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Should I make a reservation for TRB Hutong?

Yes it’s best to book up for TRB Hutong given it’s popularity. Drop them an email here –

Is TRB the best restaurant in Beijing?

In our opinion, yes. However, Tripadvisor voted TRB Hutong the best restaurant in the world for 2019. A huge gong for the TRB team.

Are there other TRB restaurants in Beijing?

Yes there is also the TRB Forbidden City. The same group also own Merci and Hulu, both located in Beijing as well.

Do TRB have a website?

Yes, it can be found here.

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