Hong Kong Hotels 🏨 Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review (for 2020-21)

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – A Gem of a Hotel

Our Hong Kong Hotel Hopping adventure continues as 2020 shows no signs of normality! We make our first move away from Hong Kong Island as we bring you our Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review
Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review

I must admit, having felt “at home” on the Island, Bianca in particular was wary of coming to Kowloon (the part of Hong Kong attached to Mainland China).

Although it’s regarded as the cheaper part of Hong Kong, the Royal Plaza Hong Kong is located in Mong Kok (旺角).

Mong Kok is known as one of the most densely populated districts on the PLANET.

Having dodged the crowds everyday in Causeway Bay that wasn’t something we were particularly counting down the days to… BUT we had what looked like a great hotel, possibly the best we’ve stayed at yet.

Oddly the price seemed rather low by Hong Kong standards. Bizarrely about 5,000HKD cheaper than our previous stay at the average L’Hotel in Causeway Bay.

At the Royal Plaza we had a King Size bed, our biggest room yet (31 square metres big), a bath and a hotel boasting a genuine gym and large pool (not one of those gyms with 1 treadmill, or pools that host about 4 people).

So we packed our bags (all ten of them) and ventured “up north” to Kowloon.

So how does the hotel rate? Here’s our Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Where Is It?

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – First Impressions

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Room

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Gym and Pool

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Surrounding Area

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Staff

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Should I Stay?

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Where Is It?

The Royal Plaza Hong Kong is located inside the large MOKO mall which also conveniently hosts a plethora of places to shop and eat, as well as Mong Kok East MTR station, which although useful, isn’t the best connecting station (often you have to walk to Prince Edward to reach the more popular stops of Hong Kong).

As stated before, Mong Kok is BUSY, however… the hotel is located in an area where you actually don’t have to deal with the crowds to the level I was expecting.

To put it into perspective, our stay at the Regal in Causeway Bay was a lot busier in and around the hotel. As soon as you set foot outside, bang, people everywhere.

Here at the Royal Plaza not so, you can breath, something which can be somewhat of a luxury in Mong Kok!

You are not far from some of Mong Kok’s famous markets and in between Prince Edward and Mong Kok MTR stations which are well connected to many areas of the city.

The attachment to the MOKO mall though is a big draw here, and great in the hot summer months.

ADDRESS – 193 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok


Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – First Impressions

We actually got offered a cheap upgrade to a King Size bed/Deluxe room which moved us from 26 sq m to 31 sq m – we snapped it up given the fact we had 30 days here originally… boy was that worth it.

Royal Plaza - View From The Room
Royal Plaza Hong Kong – View From The Room

5 stars? Absolutely.

A friend of ours said before coming we’d love it here and he wasn’t wrong.

The step up from a dusty, two single bed, beaten down room to this. Modern, slick, stylish, SPACIOUS.

Oh SPACE – I didn’t think it existed in Hong Kong at a reasonable price.

The Air Con works properly, the fridge is cold, the shower is firm, the bed is soft, the WiFi is fast – things that let other accommodation in Hong Kong down all just fit into place here.

Although the cost comes out slightly more expensive here than at our previous accommodation (bar Eaton which is the only serviced apartment we’ve stayed at so far)… but was it worth it? Absolutely yes.

FANCY SPLURGING? Enjoy brunch at the highest bar in the world.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Room

The best one we’ve had yet for sure.

Little, or nothing actually, to put down.

The little cushioned area by the window is a great place to sit and just look outside at the great view we had of the pool and the city. Something that’s useful when you spend all day working next to it.

The bed was just great, probably even better given the fact we can from a hotel with two drab single beds.

The space was the big element though – with 10 bags on our backs, being able to store these away all neatly and not trip over them was just a blessing for the month… it’s the little things.

The bath didn’t quite match up to the Regal’s huge jacuzzi style one, here it was only fit for one person and a little narrower, but no bother at all.

Great WiFi which never let me down for my daily video calls for work (although it has this annoying thing where you have to connect again every 24 hours which interrupted me a few times).

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Gym and Pool

Royal Plaza - The Pool
Royal Plaza Hong Kong – The Pool

This is where you really feel the step up.

It was absolute bliss waking up and heading to the gym at 6.30am, and then into the pool at 7.30am to cool down with the sun rising, the relaxed tones of the city from afar, and the large space.

Sadly on our 3rd day, the pool and gym shut (left me in a right mood) because of the 3rd Hong Kong wave of COVID cases… typical timing, but big picture and all that.

Other hotel “gyms” are generally a couple of bits of equipment in a small room. They call it a gym. Half the time you have to fight for the treadmill or bench… not here.

There’s a load of apparatus and the cardio equipment has some lovely views of the pool – nice motivation for completing that work out.

The pool as well – I’ll let the pictures on the article do the talking here. There’s also a jacuzzi further down from the pool, (also closed for our earlier days at the Plaza).

There is room for plenty of people. It’s just a beautiful way to start or finish a day. Open from 6.30am until 9pm. Just perfection.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Surrounding Area

Mong Kok East MTR Station

As stated, the Royal Plaza is linked directly to MOKO mall which is a huge perk.

With Bianca and I here for work and not tourism this allowed us to grab some fantastic cheap lunches at the food court inside.

There are a number of other standalone restaurants which include Nha Trang (a Vietnamese favourite of ours), Pizza Express, an Australian Steakhouse called Outback on the 6th and top floor, and much more.

We found because of this food court our daily spend cut down hugely compared to on the Island – it’s not a myth! It’s genuinely cheaper “up north”.

There were many days I never left the complex, which normally would sound hellish – but during a pandemic, new cases rising, and plenty of work to do from the hotel room, this was actually a blessing. Never did you feel claustrophobic which is very easy to feel in Hong Kong.

You are still close enough to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Mong Kok though if that’s what you desire.

The infamous Ladies Market, Sneaker Street and so forth.

Our fears of leaving the island for the most densely populated area in the world were immediately alleviated.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – The Staff

I think in Hong Kong we’ve come to the conclusion that the service just doesn’t match up to that of what you’d expect in Europe.

That’s not a slight on anyone at the Royal Plaza, it’s just how we’ve found it here.

Example – we celebrated Bianca’s birthday during our time here so the night before I rang to order a surprise breakfast in bed for us both with a (kindly complimentary) cake.

45 minutes after it was due in the morning, nothing. I had to break the surprise and phone them.

They duly rectified the error kindly and it was with us 30 minutes later, an hour and 15 late in total.

Upon entering the staff member then said to us both, shall I bring the cake now or later. Head in hands kind of moment!

The cake surprise was down the drain – no bother, but just a little common sense you feel!

No one was rude, but for a 5 star setting the service is always very 3/4 star in Hong Kong, the same was true in Ozone bar at the Ritz.

LIKE JAPANESE FOOD? Butao Ramen is a popular choice located throughout Hong Kong.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – Should I Stay?

No doubt – this is a brilliant option, our favourite accommodation yet without doubt.

We are half way through our current stay here and are already hoping to extend. We don’t want to leave for as long as we stay “temporarily” in Hong Kong. Simple as that!

When the pool and gym re-opens (hopefully within a few days), it’ll be the complete experience.

Whether it’s tourism, business or temporary residence here whilst looking for an apartment, we would whole heartedly recommend a stay here.

Thumbs up Royal Plaza! 👍

WANT MORE VIEWPOINTS – Check out the Tripadvisor page.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review – FAQ’s

Where is the Royal Plaza Hotel?

ADDRESS – 193 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok

Is the Royal Plaza Hotel near an MTR station?

Yes the hotel is located in the MOKO mall which also links East Mong Kok MTR station.

Is the Royal Plaza located on Hong Kong Island?

No the Royal Plaza hotel is located in Kowloon. You would nee to take a taxi or the MTR to get to Hong Kong Island.

Is there a gym at the Royal Plaza?

Yes it opens from 6.30am to 10.30pm and is a good size.

Is there a swimming pool at the Royal Plaza?

Yes it opens at 6.30am and closes at 9pm and is a good size. It is also closed twice a day for half an hour for disinfection purposes.

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