Healthy in Hong Kong (in 2021)? ๐Ÿฅช Try Mana

Mana Hong Kong Review - Flat

Mana Hong Kong Review // Go Healthy in Hong Kong

Fast, slow food – one of Mana’s smart slogans. Prepared quickly, but to be enjoyed slowly.

Mana is as 21st century as it comes. A heavy emphasis on the environment, going veggie/vegan and taking great care of the environment.

When you set foot in Mana, you know about it. Clearly divided bins, zero plastic, slogans and beliefs of Mana thrown across the walls and no meat in sight.

Diet Change not Climate Change – Mana Hong Kong

If you are a particular activist for keeping the environment as green as possible, chances are you’ll love Mana.

Even if that isn’t on your immediate list of things on your mind, you’ll no doubt still love the food.

Bianca and I are great fans of meat and have no plans to go Vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean Mana is out of our range, far from it.

The “flats” as they call them (see the video above) are jam packed to the brim with fillings of your choosing.

It’s rare you can leave a place so full up, merely from a wrap (or flat should we say)!

Mana is clear about what it stands up for and there is no getting away from it, but what’s the food experience actually like?

Mana Hong Kong Review - The Flat

Here is our very own Mana Hong Kong review…

Mana Hong Kong Review – Where is it?

Mana Hong Kong Review – The Menu

Mana Hong Kong Review – Inside Mana

Mana Hong Kong Review – Summary

Mana Hong Kong Review – FAQ’s

Mana Hong Kong – Where is it?

There are two Mana branches to date, both on Hong Kong Island.

When we were based in Wan Chai we were a 10-15 minute from the Star Street branch which proved to be our “Mana Local”.

The Star Street Mana is ideally located right outside Pacific Place making it a great place for business without any shadow of a doubt.

Smack bang between Wan Chai and Admiralty MTR stations, take your pick on the route, it’s hard to miss.

Here is how to get there from Admiralty MTR station.

ADDRESS: 8-10 Queenโ€™s Rd. East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

It’s open 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m, 7 days a week.

The other branch, at the time of writing, is based in SoHo, Central (another fantastic location for business).

Both are on the Island MTR line.

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Mana Hong Kong – The Menu

The flat is without doubt our favourite weapon of choice. 30 fillings to choose from inside either a half or a full (similarly to Subway with your 6 inch or 12 inch).

Pick your favourite fillings and they’ll pack them in good. It’s worth noting, these flats can be a messy eat because they are so well packed. Handle with care!

Mana Hong Kong Review - The Menu
Mana Menu – Taken from their website

A half flat comes in at 50HKD (5GBP, 6USD) and a full at 95HKD. Not the cheapest admittedly, but not much on Hong Kong Island is!

You’ll see a wide range of choices for all tastes above.

You can also add sides, not that you really need them with a full flat!

We like to go with the chips because they are BIG! Mana know how to do chips, proper wedges, thick cut, salty and full of flavour.

The portion is also generous! Very generous in truth. Hence the name, fast, slow food I guess! Prepared fast, but to be eaten slowly.

As you can see above there are also burgers and salads, all fully customisable so you can tailor exactly to your palette.

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Mana Hong Kong – Inside Mana

It’s dark! That’s the first thing that strikes you. Not in a bad way though, the lights are dim but the setting is sound!

I actually like the interior of Mana because it’s very relaxed and beautifully calm. Being a freelancer, working from here, there and everywhere… it’s a nice place to set up camp with the laptop and get some work in.

You’ll notice inside Mana their “Mana Mantras” are sprayed across the wall! They’ve got a fair few as well.

Here are the 1st six… if you want to see the remaining 14, we’ll be kind and direct the traffic to Mana themselves! These are their mantra’s after all!

  1. Eat like it matters.
  2. Free water for all.
  3. It’s good to be here.
  4. Food that doesn’t cost the Earth.
  5. Diet Change Not Climate Change.
  6. Made with plants, not in them.
Mana Hong Kong Review - Star Street
Mana Hong Kong Review – Picture taken from

Upon entering, scan the menu, place your order and grab a seat with your buzzer (for the food) in hand.

It takes minutes and you’ll be munching away. Free water is on hand also.

They also provide their own twist on coffee, with milk alternatives. Worth a try also.

Mana Hong Kong – Summary

Mana appear to do a great job of building a community and making people feel at home.

I’ve seen numerous groups of friends, business meetings and the like, with the owner, Bobsy, who you cannot miss, always mingling away with his customers.

Mana’s product is strong, we’ve been back there many times, for lunch or dinner. Although it’s a little overpriced perhaps, but that’s hardly a criticism.

They care for what they believe in and they show it. Their values are clear and what they stand up for likewise. Mana has managed to get this across without being too intrusive on the customer.

Also one other note – their delivery speeds are top class! Upon ordering the food, it is normally in our hands within half an hour without fail! They move fast.

Well done Mana, keep up the good work!

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Mana Hong Kong Review – FAQ’s

Where is Star Street Mana?

ADDRESS: 8-10 Queenโ€™s Rd. East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong – right outside Pacific Place

How many Mana branches are there?

Currently 2 (one closed in Sai Ying Pun). They are located in SoHo, Central and Star Street, Wan Chai

Does Mana serve meat?

No Mana is strictly vegetarian.

Can I get a burger at Mana?

Yes, despite not selling meat, you can grab a burger at Mana and choose your type of Patty.

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