Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong ๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ฐ (for 2021) – Your Complete Guide

Nha Trang Restaurant - Afternoon Tea

Bargain Lunch Deals in Hong Kong to Enjoy (in 2021)

With all cuisines imaginable at your fingertips, you are spoilt for choice in Hong Kong but where are the best lunch deals in Hong Kong in 2021?

Mana Hong Kong Review - Flat

There are so many choices, so many cuisines, and a wide variance on price it’s never easy to make the plunge, so we wanted to help make your lives easier by listing our favourite lunch options in Hong Kong.

Lunch is without doubt, the best time of day to get value in Hong Kong.

It’s no secret Hong Kong is expensive, not least the Island (in fact it’s the most expensive city to live in Asia)…

BUT, you can still find some bargain lunch deals – 3 courses (plus a drink) for less than 20USD/15GBP in most cases, and that’s the market we’ll focus on today.

We’ll introduce you to the menu, the restaurant and where you need to be going to make your life simple!

So, without further ado, here are the best lunch deals in Hong Kong.

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #1 – Francis (Israeli)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #2Mana (Healthy Choice)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #3 – Nha Trang (Vietnamese)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #4 – Tai Hang Bar (Pub Food)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #5 – Elementary (Bit of Everything)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #6 – Ozone (SPLURGE)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #7 – Pici (Italian)

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #1 – Francis (Middle Eastern Cuisine in Wan Chai)

Oh boy do we love Francis!

We’ve already reviewed their lunch menu here so not much more needs saying, but we’ll run over the basics here. Then if you want to find out more we highly recommend you take a look at the link.

Francis aim to bring the “vibrant streets of Tel Aviv, Israel” to Hong Kong, and wow the flavours are good, and the price isn’t bad either!

Francis Lunch Menu
Francis Lunch Menu

3 courses for 160 HKD (not bad at all as lunch menus in Hong Kong go).

Generally you have a choice of 4-5 starters and mains, and the dessert is typically a surprise from the chef, which never disappoints either.

Despite the food being top-drawer Francis stands out for a couple of other reasons, which are:

  • There is NO SERVICE CHARGE which means 160HKD is genuinely 160HKD, not 160HKD +16HKD.
    • As we’ve spoke of before, the Hong Kong small print, 10% service charge is a major downfall in this great part of the world. Often in tiny print, almost to dupe the customer – Francis are clear and concise from the start. Any tips simply go to staff – how it should be.
  • The staff are a genuine delight. Lunch is busy everywhere in Hong Kong, people rushing to get their fix before a busy afternoon back in the office. This often means the personal touch is minimal to non-existent. Not at Francis. Everyone is friendly and relaxed, allowing you to feel the same. Seeing staff running around, filing people in and out isn’t what you want at lunch. You want to relax, chill and take it easy. Francis’ environment allows you to do this, albeit with quite a lively lunch-time atmosphere.

We’ve ordered most of the dishes and it never lets you down. It’s high quality, competitive pricing, and a great lunchtime experience.

You could do much worse than spending your lunchtime here.

ADDRESS – 4 & 6 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #2 – Mana (Healthy Fast Food in Wan Chai)

This is a slightly left-field entry because Mana doesn’t actually have a lunch menu per-see, but it’s a fantastic lunch-time option which will leave you more than satisfied.

Mana is a place we’ve been to many times, especially when we were based at Eaton Residences.

Healthy fast food sums it up pretty well. Mana effectively allows you to create your own wrap, or flat as they call them.

It’s all meat free at Mana and the owner is all about the environment, so if your after a big piece of lunchtime meat, Mana is best avoided, but otherwise, the opposite applies!

Mana Hong Kong - Menu
Mana’s Menu (not just for lunch, but all day)

If you stick to a half (standard wrap size) you’ll be set back just 50HKD. Not bad considering they pack those flats to the brim.

It’s worth noting Mana can get messy, they don’t go easy on the fillings – great for us though!

You can double the size to make it a full, for 95HKD.

This is an ideal lunch option if you are based near Pacific Place. The setting inside is dark, albeit peaceful. A common sight sees people basing themselves here for a few hours to work on their laptops due to the rather calm backdrop.

So, although technically not a lunch menu – don’t overlook it.

Mana (the Admiralty branch) is located right near our first entry, Francis.

ADDRESS: 8-10 Queenโ€™s Rd. East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #3 – Nha Trang (Vietnamese Cuisine)

Nha Trang Restaurant - Afternoon Tea Menu
Nha Trang Restaurant – Afternoon Tea Menu

Again, this is cheating a little bit because the deal is actually an afternoon tea deal rather than a lunch one, but if you can hold the urge to eat at 1pm and go around 3pm you’ll be rewarded with a feast for less than 100HKD.

The long and short of it is this – 3 courses for 96HKD, very decent.

Actually it’s 96 + 9.6 because of the pesky service charge, but still!

In fact, you can customize your set-menu by picking just starter and main or main and dessert/drink, which brings the cost to 78HKD (plus 7.8HKD) – again, great value.

The dishes are still sizeable also, and packed with flavour, as Vietnamese cuisine always is!

Nha Trang is located in Causeway Bay, on the 13th floor of the big Times Square mall.

If you can hold your lunchtime urge, we’d absolutely recommend heading here for a late lunch/early dinner.

The Grilled Beef Salad and Pork Banh Mi are particular favourites of mine, but it’s actually the wonderful Vietnamese Drip Coffee that always steals the show.

ADDRESS โ€“ Shop 1303, 13/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, HK

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Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #4 – Tai Hang Bar & Grill (Pub Food)

Tai Hang Bar Lunch Menu
Tai Hang Bar Lunch Menu (mid 2020)

Back to genuine lunch time deals now and this is a great one, located on the fringes of the wonderful Tai Hang district, nearest Tin Hau MTR station.

Tai Hang Bar & Grill is a popular lunchtime destination and the reason is probably their fine value menu which offers plenty of choices.

Tai Hang Bar have deals and offers throughout the week, much akin to proper pub and bar culture.

Steak nights, Fajita nights, Burger nights and more…

…so chances are, no matter what day or time you decide to go, there’s probably a promo for you to take advantage of.

That said, this 12pm-3pm offer is a solid lunch time offering, starting at 108HKD (+ 10% grr).

3 good portions, plus a drink of your choosing, Tai Hang have got their lunch menu right with a wide variety of different classics on an ever changing menu. The burger was sizeable (and also pretty messy)!

ADDRESS – G/F, Intelligent Court, 38 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #5 – Elementary (Staying in Tai Hang)

Elementary is a short walk from the previous entry in our favourite little district.

Elementary is one of the more popular spots in Tai Hang District and in the evenings especially can get busy…

But for lunch, we found the place to be incredibly relaxing, the polar opposite to Tai Hang Bar which was packed to the rafters with people.

Perhaps we just got lucky, perhaps that’s just how it is normally. Either way, great!

The menu is relatively similar to Tai Hang Bar also, 3 courses, 128HKD which also includes a drink (bonus).

The food was good and the portions were sizeable. I had the chilli pasta, which packed a punch, whilst Bianca went with the poutine, which was full to the brim with gravy!

The starters of zucchini and EFC also hit the spot.

Nothing spectacular, but absolutely worth a visit for value.

In truth, there are a number of great options around.

ADDRESS – 15-16 School Street, School St, Tai Hang

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #6 – Ozone (JOKER/SPLURGE)

OK so this is a weekend brunch rather than a set lunch menu, and it’s absolutely the most expensive item on the list.

For starters brunch and lunch, what’s the difference really! There’s no way we aren’t recommending this based on a technicality.

The brunch takes place from 12pm-4pm anyway so if that window isn’t lunch I don’t know what is!

Ozone is the home of the world’s highest bar (you dine on the 118th floor), and it provides a pretty sweet brunch menu.

Ozone Brunch - A Treat
The Ozone Brunch Menu (Summer 2020)

Getting the costs out the way – it’s 488HKD per person (that’s with another 10% on top). You then have the option to add some alcohol to that.

The free flow Don Perignon addition is popular with pretty much everyone else there we noticed, that costs a cool 1,288HKD per person.

We plumped for the wine/beer/cocktail free flow at 268HKD each. In total the cost came to around 1,600HKD.

So yes, expensive, but for that you get killer views, the best in Hong Kong I’ve no doubt, you get free flow alcohol (a great way to get value for money in Hong Kong) unlimited eggs and dessert, PLUS a salad (just to feel healthy) and a main.

When you tot it all up, about 80GBP / 90EUR per head, it’s not THAT bad for value. In fact I deduced it be quite good. Normally a trip up to Ozone for drinks, as you’d expect, can prove a costly evening.

We actually went to celebrate our “pre-wedding anniversary” – something we made up to celebrate one year until we get married!

Without getting too into detail 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, ourselves included, so this was a wonderful treat and we had a fantastic time together.

The food – in truth it’s not incredible. The service – it wasn’t 5 star (friendly, but not on point – wrong dishes, no co-ordination etc) but that was all cast aside for what the occasion was. We had a fantastic laugh together.

This is something you should absolutely get involved in, even if you are only in Hong Kong for a few days, for the views and the fun of it alone.

ADDRESS – International Commerce Centre (ICC), 118/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, 1 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui

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Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong #7 – Pici (Italian)

This is Italian cuisine at it’s finest and guess what, they offer a cracking and affordable lunch menu.

Pici are available all over Hong Kong with 5 branches in total:

Pici Hong Kong - Lunch Menu
Pici Hong Kong – Lunch Menu
  • Wan Chai
  • Central
  • Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Lai Chi Kok
  • Sha Tin

Although their weekend brunch menu is the biggest hit, their Monday – Friday menu cannot be overlooked and offers a great three course experience for just 158HKD (around 16 GBP, 19 EUR, 20USD).

They mix the menu up daily so take this screenshot from their website as a mere reference, but you get the idea!

We’ve been to Pici a number of times now and have never been let down.

Always high quality, always authentic and always bread at the start, AS IT SHOULD BE (said every Italian ever).

Their restaurants have a lovely interior and are always buzzing with happy punters so we’d highly recommend stopping off here for a hugely fulfilling lunchtime.

Honest truth, we’ve found Hong Kong lacks genuine, authentic Italian restaurants, there aren’t perhaps as many as we thought, or they just didn’t hit the heights expected… taht is not the case for Pici though!

Take you pick with your location but here are the two Island options, not that far apart and fairly close to their respective MTR stations.

ADDRESS (Wan Chai Branch) โ€“ G/F, No. 16 St. Francis Yard, Wanchai, Hong Kong

ADDRESS (Central Branch) โ€“ G/F, No. 24-26 Aberdeen St., Soho, Hong Kong

Our Detailed Review of Pici

…more to come as and when we find them!

Best Lunch Deals in Hong Kong – FAQ’s

Do all restaurants in Hong Kong offer lunch menus?

Some, but not all will offer dedicated lunch menus.

Do all restaurants in Hong Kong add 10% service charge?

Many do unfortunately yes, however, there are some that do not.

Is lunch expensive in Hong Kong?

It really depends where you eat, the scale is incredibly broad. As a general rule of thumb if you eat western food you will generally always pay more than eating local or Asian cuisine.

Is Hong Kong more expensive than Singapore?

Hong Kong is actually ranked the most expensive city to live in Asia with Singapore not too far behind. However, according to Numbeo restaurants in Singapore are 8% more expensive than Hong Kong.

Is the Island more expensive than the Kowloon side?

As a rule of thumb, yes. Hong Kong Island in most aspects (rent, food etc) is more expensive but bare in mind, if you eat Western, that will always hike the price up. You can still eat fairly cheap on the island if you pick and choose where you eat and don’t “go western”.

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