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L'Hotel Hong Kong Review - The Rooftop Pool

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – Should You Stay Here?

Our tour across the Hong Kong MTR Island line continues as we head further east, to bring you our L’Hotel Hong Kong Review from the Tin Hau/Causeway Bay branch.

Oddly enough we’ve moved from Eaton in Wan Chai, one stop east to The Regal in Causeway Bay, to then move a further stop east here to L’Hotel.

What we haven’t yet mentioned is our ill-fated stay at the Metropark, just around the corner from L’Hotel.

Metropark Hotel - Hong Kong
The Metropark in Causeway Bay

After deciding to end our 6 week stay at the Regal because of increasing costs we moved over to the less fancy Metropark, but for a much better rate.

Sadly, after 12 days we received a note to immediately visit reception. I went down, blurry eyed at 6am before my morning walk to be told the hotel will be evacuated in 24 hours because of a major air conditioning fault.

I almost didn’t register the news! I’d never seen or heard anything like it, but then again, we’ve never seen anything quite like 2020 so nothing surprises me anymore!

Something about the story didn’t quite add up to me, and of course you can spend time drawing up your own conspiracies, especially during a worldwide pandemic (and the fact the Metropark actually had a live COVID case two months earlier)… but we’ll park that to one side!

Either way, we had a day to find a new home and luckily enough L’Hotel (merely 5 minutes from Metropark) had room, albeit only single beds, at no extra cost so despite the potentially stressful circumstances, we solved the issue quickly.

Whilst we mention the Metropark, I do want to give a really quick rundown about the place.

Our room was the smallest out of everywhere we’d stayed in Hong Kong, the fridge was warm and the air-conditioning was weak. All in all sounds pretty bad doesn’t it?

I must say though, the staff were really quite lovely which softened the blow and the location, right near Tin Hau Metro station is fantastic.

We found some great lunch deals in Tin Hau which you can discover here. The neighbourhood is lovely so alongside the staff, our ill-fated stay wasn’t all that bad. The abrupt end was a great shame though.

Onto L’Hotel and the immediate bonuses we were happy about before moving in:

  • Bigger room
  • Gym open
  • Rooftop pool open (our first since coming to HK during the Pandemic)
  • Remaining in a location we love
L'Hotel Hong Kong Review - The Rooftop Pool
L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Rooftop Pool

Let’s get stuck in.

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – Where Is It?

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – What’s The Room Like?

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Gym & The Pool

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Staff

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Costs

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – Where Is It?

The location of L’Hotel is one of the major positives.

The Regal, despite probably being the most upmarket hotel we’ve stayed at to date, was right in the thick of a busy Causeway Bay, too hectic for me, and also quite central to a the HK riots.

Just a short 15 minute walk, and one MTR stop east you come across the glorious little Tai hang district, at Tin Hau station which is the polar opposite.

Some wonderful little bars and restaurants, local and western, line the pocket sized district, somewhere Bianca and I agreed we’d absolutely love to live if we ever stay permanently here.

The huge and rather impressive Victoria Park virtually links Causeway Bay and Tin Hau Metro stations and is a great place to go for a wonder, soak up the local culture or get sporty (Table Tennis, Tennis and Basketball courts, plus Football pitches are all present here).

As you’ll see below, The Metropark and L’Hotel are barely a few minutes from each other by foot.

L’Hotel ADDRESS – 18 King’s Rd, Causeway Bay

L’Hotel ADDRESS in Cantonese for Local Taxi Driver – 如心海景酒店

Metropark ADDRESS – 148 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Causeway Bay

Metropark ADDRESS in Cantonese for Local Taxi Driver – 銅鑼灣道148

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – What’s The Room Like?

Spacious in a word! If you know Hong Kong, you know that every single square metre counts – especially when you are carrying 10 large bags like we are!

If you don’t know Hong Kong, know that space is a premium, you pay for it. If you don’t, expect a small, tight and compact room.

26 square metres is certainly nothing to shout about normally, but it felt like a minor victory compared to the 21 square metres at the Metropark. Those 5 square metres almost allowed us both to collectively “breathe out”.

L'Hotel Hong Kong Review - Standard Room
L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – Standard Room

Given the last minute nature of our booking, there were only single beds available (not in a position to be picky).

The WiFi was good, I held daily video calls with no problem. The bathroom is fairly tight, although does, shockingly, include a bath.

Nothing on the quality of the huge tub at the Regal though, this was more just for standing and showering!

The room though, as you’ll see from the picture, just standard. No frills, nothing fancy, and fairly dated in truth.

Anything bad? One in particular yes

The room was the dustiest I’d ever stayed in, anywhere. Within a few hours the table was covered, our clothes started to gather dust also, not nice.

The staff cleaned it, but after a few hours it just kept coming back. Not good for our noses!

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Gym & The Pool

As our stay in Hong Kong has collided with the pandemic, gyms and pools have been somewhat of a lottery.

Despite the fantastic community response in keeping the virus down in Hong Kong, the locals are, as to be expected after 2003, very cautious and some hotels are refusing to open gyms/pools until 2021.

However, L’Hotel bucked the trend. Gym and Pool open, so what are they like?

L'Hotel Rooftop - At home with our early morning hack!
L’Hotel Rooftop – At home with our early morning hack!

The pool was our first rooftop one in Hong Kong and I must admit it’s a fantastic perk!

The views of the city are absolutely killer (see also Ozone Bar)!

The pool, albeit on the small side, is great and there is space for about 10 people seated. I can imagine in high tourist seasons this gets quite busy but we found a hack.

The pool opens at 8am, get there for 8am! Not one single day did another other smart-arse follow my lead and we had the pool to ourselves every morning, absolutely bliss and a great way to start a day before work.

I’m sure when tourism gets back to the norm, the pool, even at 8am might be a tad busy, but try to be “as off-peak” as you can.

Whilst the pool is located on floor 39, the gym is one floor up at the top 40th floor.

It offers more great views of the city, and also of the pool below which is quite cool.

It’s a nice change to run with an incredible skyline rather than in a basement into a mirror!

The gym is small though. 2 treadmills (one during the pandemic), 1 bike, 1 X Trainer and two benches. plus some free weights. It does the job, but again, try and be off peak.

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Staff

All pleasant and friendly, without really doing much else.

Check in was smooth, the cleaners (as with everywhere we’ve seen in HK) are always chatty and smily (although their times really varied daily) and everything was just fine.

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – The Costs

L'Hotel Hong Kong Review
L’Hotel Causeway Bay

Are we planning on extending our stay at L’Hotel?

No, but there’s a good reason we’ll come to shortly!

In truth we are sick of moving around!

Carrying 10 bags across this hot, hectic city for a 5th time in 5 months isn’t something that excites me but…

20,000HKD (virtually 2,000GBP) for a further month here in two single beds?!

You’re joking, right?! A huge hike in the costs as we enter July compared to what we paid for half a month.

Nowhere we’ve stayed has hit that figure and I refuse to shell out that much for a very average hotel!

In fact, our next stop, is a 5 star beauty which comes in way cheaper. For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to the move.

We head over though, to the Kowloon side for the first time, which probably explains the cheaper cost.

Stay tuned to find out where we stay and how we rate it…

L’Hotel Hong Kong Review – FAQ’s

Where is L’Hotel Hong Kong?

Very close to Tin Hau on the Hong Kong Island MTR line.
L’Hotel ADDRESS – 18 King’s Rd, Causeway Bay
L’Hotel ADDRESS in Cantonese for Local Taxi Driver – 如心海景酒店

Are there other L’Hotel branches in Hong Kong?

Yes there are 4 in total in Hong Kong

How far is L’Hotel from Hong Kong Airport?

About 40KM and 30 minutes or so in the car. You can also take the MTR almost from door to door (HK Airport to Tin Hau)

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