Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – Believe The Hype

Eclat Hotel Beijing - The exterior is dramatic to say the least

Hotel Eclat, Beijing – The Ultimate Review for the Ultimate Hotel

Make no two ways about it, Hotel Eclat in Beijing is one of the world’s finest on so many levels.

From the dramatic landscape outside, to the wonderfully themed floors at each level of this gorgeous boutique hotel in the heart of Beijing.

Bianca and I both left in awe at the experience, desperate to re-book again.

The experience for us was actually an odd one. Normally when checking into a hotel you’ve arrived after a fair flight or train ride, numerous hours after departing from your starting point. Not so for us.

In fact our residence at the time was a mere 20 minute walk from the Hotel Eclat in Beijing, meaning we arrived perfectly fresh and ready to enjoy a long weekend to remember.

The occasion? I wanted to provide Bianca with a birthday she’d never forget, a “staycation” to beat all staycations… so I booked up Hotel Eclat Beijing 3 months before as a surprise. I could barely contain my excitement for the big day if truth be told. I knew she’d love it, let’s see if she did!

Where is Hotel Eclat Beijing

The Exterior

The Room

Hotel Interior

The Food of Hotel Eclat

The Service

Final Thoughts


Eclat Hotel Beijing - The exterior is dramatic to say the least
Eclat Hotel Beijing – The exterior is dramatic to say the least

Oddly enough, because we remained in the same city of our residence I completely forgot my passport and then credit card upon checking in… so had to make two whole journeys back home leaving me rather sweaty when checking in! Why you ask…

My idea was the smoother the room with photos from our history so that when Bianca arrived, she would receive an even bigger surprise than the hotel room itself.

Quite the romantic, eh!

Anyway – you don’t care for this, you care for the details of the hotel itself so let’s kick on with our Hotel Eclat Beijing Review.

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – Where Is It?

Being previous residents of Beijing for over 4 cumulative years between us, we feel well qualified to inform you Hotel Eclat Beijing is beautifully positioned in the heart of the city, near by Dongdaqiao Metro Station.

Access to the CBD area of Guomao is quick, the foreign hotspot that is known as Sanlitun likewise.

Yet if you want to experience more traditional Beijing and get lost inside the famed hutongs, you are again well positioned to do so.

Hotel Eclat Beijing is located in between both international airports but is much closer to Beijing Capital (PEK).

This will be the case for most hotels in Beijing truth be told, due to the fact the highly impressive new Daxing airport is located quite a way outside of Beijing, down further south.

You’ll be able to get from PEK Airport to Hotel Eclat in just over 30 minutes generally. Taxi prices in Beijing are not expensive at all so it won’t set you back more than 15USD/10GBP if traffic is in your favour.

ADDRESS – Eclat Hotel, 9 Dongdaqiao Rd, Chaoyang, China, 100020


Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – Exterior

As pictured above, Hotel Eclat is located inside the beautiful and dramatic mall known as Park View Green.

It’s unique shape makes it unmissable but finding the hotel inside the building can also be a challenge if you aren’t careful (this will depend on your point of entrance into the mall).

The mall itself hosts a number of first class restaurants (we highly recommend Din Tai Fung for an authentic, Michelin Star Chinese food experience), brands and more.

Hotel Eclat is tucked away in the corner of the mall where the building peaks at it’s highest. That’s where the rooms are located! Pretty cool when you get up there and look down upon everyone, and everything inside the mall.

Park View Green also plays host to some rather unique artwork throughout the mall, which is actually how we discovered the hotel in the first place.

Bianca was keen to see the display of Salvador Dalí, which is the biggest in the world so we were told.

We took a trip there one weekend, and stumbled across the Beijing Eclat Hotel. The staff let us have a peak inside and we were sold instantly. The hotel simply oozed class.

We knew at that point we had to stay there… and with Bianca’s birthday less than 3 months away, I swooped fast!

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – The Room

Trying to spot our actual residence in the distance!
Trying to spot our actual residence in the distance!

After checking in (third time lucky after finally getting my act together with the documents) I rushed up to the room before Bianca finished work to prepare the display.

The wow factor hits your instantly.

The smell, the decoration and eye to detail on every part of the hotel.

The lift up to the room gives you a grand view of Beijing as a city which is eye opening in itself.

Rooms start on the 16th floor, with the most expensive on the top, 21st floor.

The room was a delight. Spacious, clean, fresh and with lots of little quirks.

See photos of the room below (and ignore the photos dotted around the furniture)!

Rooms, and their amenities vary on price quite largely. Some rooms include pools, the top couple of floors boast the huge and luxurious (and of course pricey) suites and others just the main room.

Few of the things we loved:

  • The gadgets in the room which included a lamp which you turn on and off through a toy gun. This of course, caused hours of fun between us.
  • Ability to watch 3D movies.
  • The fact each floor had it’s own theme which leads us onto our next point.

WANT TO DISCOVER THE WORLD’S #1 RESTAURANT? Visit TRB Hutong for a sublime evening.

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – The Hotel Interior

You can only access the floor you are located on, but oddly enough when we got into the lift after our meal one night, the 20th floor button was pressed.

Curiosity obviously got the better of us and we nonchalantly arrived on floor 20.

Jackpot – the door to one of the suites was open, with the cleaners hard at work inside. We took a gaze inside, wow. The room was honestly fit for a king. Huge in size, packed with little treats and everything else you’d expect from the suite of a 5 star hotel.

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review - Bianca exploring the hotel
Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – Bianca exploring the hotel

The eye to detail Hotel Eclat has put into every floor is fascinating.

We managed to check out most of the floors in our stay.

There was so much to see, so much to take in, so much to admire.

With Art being a fervent passion of Bianca’s she was in heaven, and I must admit, having little to zero knowledge or interest in art normally, even I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the wondrous and intricate detail of this hotel.

You can spend hours, even your whole day just wondering through the hotel, discovering new things as you go.

Quite brilliant.

The great thing is the artwork is not just dotted around the hotel, but the entire mall itself so you could easily spend 2-3 days here (as we did), not leave the mall/hotel, and still feel like you saw a tonne of really great stuff.

This was one of the things that impressed us most, the way they managed to engage you so deeply, in such a small space.

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – The Food

Oh the food, the memories.

As stated there are a lot of food options around the hotel, inside the mall.

We recommend Din Tai Fung on the ground floor already, there is also another Italian place we tried called Opera Bombana. There is no doubting it’s quality but it didn’t live up to our expectations in the end.

Still it’s worth a try (but we preferred the brilliant TRB range, check them out if you can).

Back inside Hotel Eclat for the food… the breakfast was what hit home the most. The huge array of choices to suit all palettes and tastes was impressive.

This is a hotel which welcomes many from all over the world and it shows in their menu.

Full English choices, French Croissant, Local Cantonese style… it had everything and boy did we indulge…

Honestly, you don’t really need to eat for the rest of the day after this kind of breakfast.

The service likewise, impeccable. A great way to start the day, with views of Beijing city to accompany you.

Fantastic effort Hotel Eclat… a truly memorable breakfast.

Included in the price was also a free afternoon tea which took place from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Once again, lots of little treats, finger foods and canapés which included Macaroons, little Walnut Whips and healthier options also!

It was a great way to take in more of the artwork dotted around whilst enjoying a few little snacks and a tea/coffee.

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – The Service

For a 5 star hotel you expect top class, and you get it at Hotel Eclat.

Attentive, always smiling, friendly and there to help.

As already stated, I was a mess checking in… never did they make me feel uncomfortable, more-so we shared a laugh at my misdemeanours.

I told them I needed to get things in the room prepared for Bianca’s arrival, again they made sure everything was made possible to do so.

Their usage of English was also strong meaning no language barrier issues.

Rooms were perfectly clean and tidy, staff at the bar and over breakfast likewise did everything they needed to, with a smile and light small talk.

Nothing more you can ask than that really.

Bar of Hotel Eclat on the lower floor
Bar of Hotel Eclat on the lower floor

Hotel Eclat Beijing Review – Final Thoughts

As Bianca and I are no longer residents in Beijing it means we have zero choice but to stay in Hotel Eclat Beijing when we next go. What a great shame!!

I think the say can be best summed up with this...

We left Hotel Eclat and walked back to our little apartment 20 minutes away, both gutted we live so close to this gem, but with the biggest smiles on our faces at what we’d experienced.

We’d just shared a memorable birthday surprise, we didn’t leave the building for 72 hours, but we had the most incredible time. In the main because of the company, but my word did the setting make it what it was.

Hotel Eclat – you’ve gone above and beyond what I hope for when I made the booking. Thanks for making Bianca’s birthday the most memorable we’ve had so far!

If you are in Beijing and your budget stretches, STAY THERE!

Hotel Eclat Beijing FAQ’s

Where is Hotel Eclat Beijing?

Located nearest Dongdaqiao Metro Station in Chaoyang district.

ADDRESS – 9 Dongdaqiao Rd, Chaoyang, China, 100020

Is Hotel Eclat Beijing a 5 Star Hotel?

Yes and it’s thoroughly deserving at that status.

How far is Hotel Eclat from PEK Capital airport?

Roughly 25km.

You’ll be able to get from Airport to Hotel in just over 30 minutes generally and taxi prices in Beijing are not pricey so it won’t set you back more than 15USD/10GBP if traffic is in your favour.

How far is Hotel Eclat from Daxing Airport?

Roughly 63 km. This will take just over an hour in a taxi.

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