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Royal Plaza Hong Kong - The Pool

Your (2020) Guide to Hotels in Hong Kong

Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay
Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay

Having hopped hotels in Hong Kong throughout 2020, we feel in a strong position to provide a “compare Hong Kong hotels” guide about now!

Normally you associate hotels with a holiday, or perhaps a business trip, but hotels have become our home for over half a year in Hong Kong for a multitude of reasons which we won’t bore you with today.

Hong Kong is certainly a city that takes no prisoners when it comes to costs as well!

We wanted to compare the hotels we’ve been to, hoping to give you an idea on the best hotels for value, location, perks and service – hopefully then you’ll be able to choose the best hotel for you.

The accommodation we’ll be focusing on are the places we’ve stayed at since being in Hong Kong, we will constantly update this as and when we stay somewhere new!

NOTE – normally we’d be mad keen on using AirBnB in Hong Kong (we did in our previous Hong Kong stays), but during the pandemic, oddly, hotel costs were actually much cheaper than AirBnB’s hence taking the hotel route.

OK let’s get started…

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Cost

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Location

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Facilities

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Rooms

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Staff

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Who Wins?

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Cost

When coming to Hong Kong understand that accommodation is THE BIG COST.

Whether you rent and live here, or you are coming here short term for tourism, the costs of accommodation are the killer.

Having hotel hopped for many months, we got a good idea of what’s possible and what was simply ridiculous.

I mean, some places are charging over 50,000, even 100,000 HKD for a month!! Staggeringly that comes to 10,000GBP, FOR A MONTH!!

Albeit, these are top class, plush hotels but my word. Can anyone honestly justify that!

Now, it must be said, prices fluctuated greatly during our time in Hong Kong, a lot of this hopping took place during the pandemic so we did our best to strike the best deals possible during this time.

Here’s what we paid, with our duration and the cost per night breakdown to give you an idea:

Hotel NameLocationBreakfast?Gym / PoolTotal CostTotal DurationCost Per Night
Eaton ResidencesWan ChaiYesGym53,000 HKD90 Nights588 HKD
Regal HotelCauseway BayYesGym24,300 HKD45 Nights540 HKD
Metropark HotelTai HangNoGym / Pool (closed for our stay sadly)4,900 HKD14 Nights350 HKD
L’HotelTin HauNoGym / Pool6,360 HKD17 Nights374 HKD
Royal PlazaMong KokNoGym / Pool16,900 HKD30 Nights563 HKD

The big thing to know here is if you want to stay on Hong Kong Island, you pay for it.

Pretty much everything on the island is more expensive that it’s Kowloon counterpart. That goes for accommodation, but also food, goods etc.

Of course there is the argument that the Island provides the higher quality of life, but it’s really down to a matter of opinion also.

Royal Plaza Hong Kong Review
Royal Plaza – Hong Kong

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR – very much true here.

Metropark was the smallest of all the rooms we stayed in, dated, a little shabby, but saved by a great location.

If you’re on holiday it’s fine, but as we spent a lot of time in the room working and laying low – it’s cramped, but that happens largely in many HK rooms!

L’Hotel similarly offered nothing special although the extra 5 square metres helped a lot!

You then step up to our two 5-star choices and the difference is there. No doubt.

The Regal price also included a big breakfast (supposedly worth 170HKD each, every day, absolutely not, but as it’s included we’ll take it) and a prime location in Causeway Bay (albeit too busy for 45 nights).

Then you step up to the Royal Plaza – the only location listed not on Hong Kong Island. I am sure if the hotel was based on the island we’d see much more expensive prices because out of all the places we stayed at… cutting to the chase… this place was hands down the best.

IN A NUTSHELL – Serviced Apartments are OVERPRICED. If you are travelling and space isn’t much of an issue, I wouldn’t let it even be a factor. We have our life in ten bags and aren’t tourists here, but workers… so the hotel facilities matter more. The only place above I wouldn’t recommend based on value is L’Hotel. To extend for a month we were offered a price of 20,00HKD (for two single beds also), an utterly laughable price!

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Location

Location is key, simple as that. But don’t fret also…

What’s great about Hong Kong is it’s so accessible using the MTR. If you are near an MTR stop (a big factor when booking accommodation here), it doesn’t really matter where you are. You can get from places like Tseung Wan to Causeway Bay in fair time given the distance.

All of our accommodation was based a short walk from an MTR and really, the only location I found that wasn’t MTR friendly, that you might stay by, is Happy Valley, where the brilliant racecourse is located.

Out of all our accommodation options, four are on Hong Kong Island and one in Kowloon.

Yes the Island was our preference, but the fact our favourite hotel was based in Kowloon was no bother, a short walk and MTR ride and we’d be back on the Island if our hearts desired, so yes, although location is key, it’s not everything.

The area where these four hotels are all located is very much the hub of action in Hong Kong.

Regal Hotel Causeway Bay
Regal Hotel – Causeway Bay

Wan Chai – probably our favourite area. Brilliant little streets with bars and restaurants at every corner you turn. A winning area to stay at.

Causeway Bay – home of Times Square, big malls and people buzzing around the shops. Not my favourite place to live, but a cool place to be around

Tin Hau – home to the charming Tai Hang neighbourhood, quiet and peaceful with Victoria Park within touching distance.

Over to Kowloon – the Royal Plaza located in Mong Kok, which means busy corner in Cantonese. Tells you all you need to know!

Luckily though, the hotel in Kowloon is located away from the main areas of chaos meaning you can breath so don’t let that put you off if swarms of people turn you off.

IN A NUTSHELL – I’d be happy in all these areas as a tourist. If you are travelling here the chances are you’ll want to see both parts of the city and it’s never a hassle to get area via MTR or Taxi.

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Facilities

This very much comes down to how much you are willing to pay and how much time you are spending in the hotel.

Hong Kong Hotels with Pools

Want a nice pool to relax in? L’Hotel has a brilliant 39th floor view from the pool, but it remains small in size meaning even with just another family there, or 5/6 people there before you – it will appear close to full.

TIP – get there at opening time (8am). Every single time I did this my lazy fellow hotel-go-ers didn’t discover this hack and Bianca and I had the pool to ourselves, EVERY time.

The Royal Plaza Pool? WINNER. Big in size, to the point where it doesn’t matter how many others were poolside – it was always sufficient enough.

Hotels in Hong Kong with Gyms

Every one of the five accommodations we stayed in had a gym, to varying standards.

The Metropark’s we sadly never got to sample as it was closed for our time there.

Eaton Residences Wan Chai - The Gym
Eaton Residences Wan Chai – The Gym

EATON RESIDENCES GYM – Small. Located on the ground floor there were two treadmills, a bike and a cross trainer next to an all purpose weights machine. It was tight, the gym links the lobby and the back terrace meaning people often walk through. it also includes a small toilet which staff use.

REGAL GYM – Decent. A bigger size, located on the Basement 3 floor means it’s quite dark, but no bother. It’s a little bigger and boasts much more than Eaton. Two small (individual) changing rooms also included along with towels.

L’HOTEL GYM – Stunning View. The gym, see Eaton. The benefit is it boasts an incredible view of Hong Kong from the 40th floor. Otherwise it’s small and lacks in equipment.

ROYAL PLAZA GYM – WINNER. The Plaza steps up again. A sizable gym with changing rooms/showers/towels and a great view of the pool. Quite simply it’s the only one that feels like an actual gym.

IN A NUTSHELL – The Royal Plaza sweeps the rest aside. Gym and Pool were quite essential for us as we knew we’d be spending a lot of time at these places. If they aren’t a bother to you, no worry. I will say one thing, Hong Kong is HOT, most of the year round, having that pool is an absolute wonder to cool down morning and evening. Utilise it if you have it!

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Rooms

The Regal and Royal Plaza win with no question here, both living up to their higher star status.

Both clean, tidy, modern and extremely comfortable.

The bathrooms in these two significantly out performed the other three, not just because of the great baths (the Regal wins here hands down) but because of the more spacious and clean feel.

Regal Hotel Hong Kong
The Regal Bedroom

Likewise with the beds, the top two were streets ahead. We love the “jump test”.

Check in and the first thing we do is jump onto the bed. In some places the results have been rather painful! Not as these two

L’Hotel was dusty and dated, easily the poorest despite the extra space. I spent most of my time inside sneezing away, even after informing staff.

The Metropark was tight and Eaton was smaller than we hoped, although it was our first HK accommodation (getting used to the cramped feel of the city takes time).

IN A NUTSHELL – That extra cost makes the world of difference. If you want the more fancy room, with the cosier bed and the bath to relax in, stump up the cash. Otherwise expect a more dated, cramped room.

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Staff

We’ve said on many of our articles before that the service in Hong Kong lacks.

However, to our surprise here there were two clear exceptions… and it was the staff at Metropark and Eaton.

Smiley, chatty, pleasant and efficient. Despite our ill-fated stay there (in which we were given 24 hours to leave), the staff were really quite lovely at the Metropark.

Likewise at Eaton, every single day without fail, smiles, chatty and also quick to help in any case necessary, we really got to like the staff in our 3 months there.

At other places, it’s bureaucratic – very China like (if you know, you know). Excessive paperwork, lengthy etc.

You want to check in and get it done quickly… my word things can take time here! You feel you’re signing your life away half the time.

That said all the service was fine – the Regal was the only place we really encountered rudeness with the breakfast staff (although oddly one of the most polite people we’ve met in Hong Kong was also part of this team… shout out to Sandy)!

IN A NUTSHELL – Hats off the Metropark and Eaton staff because Hong Kong isn’t a place where customer service is a thing.

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – Who Wins?

All factors considered, price, location, value for money and facilities if I had to choose one place to stay whilst in Hong Kong…

The Royal Plaza wins no question

Smart, modern, spacious and high quality of facilities – none of the others came close.

The Royal Plaza comes in the 2nd most expensive of the 5, but not too much more expensive than the Regal and in fact… whilst we stayed at the Royal Plaza, the Regal was SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive. Prices varied a lot during our time in Hong Kong.

For example the Regal almost DOUBLED in price two months after we left it – ridiculous to say the least.

If you are in Hong Kong for just a few days… they’d all suffice and do a job but for maximum comfort get to the Plaza… after a long day exploring/hiking/at the beach… coming back to that pool and genuinely well air conditioned rooms are a winner.

Below are the Tripadvisor pages for each hotel we’ve reviewed here if you wish to gather further viewpoints. We hope you found this guide useful.

Have you stayed at hotels in Hong Kong before? Where would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Compare Hong Kong Hotels – FAQ’s

Is Hong Kong Island more expensive than Kowloon?

Yes generally Hong Kong Island is the most expensive part of Hong Kong.

Is it easy to travel around Hong Kong?

Yes the MTR system and the taxi’s are super easy and convenient ways to get around the city

Are Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong expensive?

We found serviced apartments much more expensive and poor value for money in Hong Kong. Hotels were a much better option.

Can you use AirBnB in Hong Kong?

Yes you can.

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