Taste of Tel-Aviv at Lunch (2021) ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Head to Francis Wan Chai for Lunch

Francis Wan Chai - Great Food

Francis Wan Chai // One of the Great Lunch Deals of Hong Kong Island

If you’re shrewd and do a little research you can pick out some excellent lunch deals throughout Hong Kong. Francis Wan Chai is one of those, quite possible our favourite Wan Chai discovery!

Francis Wan Chai boast over 200 Google reviews alone at an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 so clearly they are doing something right… so we went along to check them out.

Francis Wan Chai Reviews
Two of their many, excellent reviews

We actually discovered Francis through a friend having just moved to our residence in Wan Chai for the first time.

Francis is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Queens Road East, but yet still close enough to be perfectly located right in the thick of Wan Chai.

We’ve been to Francis a number of times since our first visit, but only ever for lunch because their lunch menu, is quite frankly top drawer and great value for money.

So what does Francis provide you with then? We’ll let their website do the talking, this extract was taken from their homepage:

“Opened in 2018, FRANCIS is a neigbourhood restaurant with a strong focus towards the ingredients and flavours of the Middle East.  Chef Asher Goldstein draws upon childhood memories of the rotating selection of meze and hearty grilled plates on the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv, Israel. “

As stated above, we’ve only been to Francis for lunch, you’ll find out why shortly… let’s dig in.

Francis Wan Chai – Where is it?

Francis Wan Chai – Lunch Menu

Francis Wan Chai – Other Menus

Francis Wan Chai – The Food

Francis Wan Chai – The Staff

Francis Wan Chai – The Bonus We Love

Francis Wan Chai – Should You Go?

Francis Wan Chai – FAQ’s

Francis Wan Chai – Where is it?

You’ll be heading to Hong Kong Island for a visit to Francis (as with many of our Hong Kong articles)!

Francis is located in between Wan Chai and Admiralty MTR stations as you’ll see from the map below.

It’s not too far from our favourite Banh Mi in Hong Kong, Le Petit Saigon.

Choose either ADMIRALTY or WAN CHAI MTR stops and it’s simple to find from there. Head across Queens Road East and take a turn up the steep ST FRANCIS STREET (easy to remember given the name of the restaurant), and it’s the first place on the left as you go uphill (see the Instagram post below)

ADDRESS – 4 & 6 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


The restaurant is lovely and open, when the weather’s good, the seats that spill out into the open are delightful, but likewise the seats at the bar also, it’s quite an intimate venue when busy.

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Francis Wan Chai – Lunch Menu

The Francis Lunch Menu is where we really believe Francis brings fantastic bang for your buck.

Francis Hong Kong Lunch Menu
Francis Lunch Menu taken from their website here.

Simply put, at the time of writing the menu is 160HKD (16GBP, 20USD, 18EUR, 30AUD) for 3 courses of excellence.

Although the dishes aren’t the biggest in volume, there is no doubt you leave fully satisfied. The quality is top-class and served with neatness and precision.

The choices for Meze and Main are fourfold and having sampled most of them, there’s barely a negative to mention.

The dessert is the chef’s choice, but again, Francis do no wrong.

For the price, this is a fantastic lunch deal, and personally, one of my favourites experience dsince coming to Hong Kong.

As you may’ve seen from one of the above reviews, the restaurant also caters for dietary choices with Veggies and Vegans well looked after to allow every single visitor to get a proper taste of Tel-Aviv.

Francis Wan Chai – Other Menu’s

Francis Wan Chai also provide Brunch and Dinner menus of a similar ilk.

The main difference? The price, which is of course to be expected.

Brunch comes in at 280HKD per person, whereas Dinner can either be ordered as you wish, or you can let Francis feed you which is quite a neat and novel idea.

For this you’ll be set back 360HKD per person and the party is a minimum of 2.

Compared to the 160HKD lunch, there in-lies the reason why we prefer to come at lunch.

To my knowledge, Brunch is pretty much exactly the same (menu can be found here) bar the sharing meze to start instead of selecting one meze each.

Personally though, the value comes with lunch.

For Dinner if you order the delicious Manti Dumplings, you are set back 160HKD, which costs the same as a 3 course lunch by itself.

It’s the case anywhere you go, but the difference is big enough to make it noteworthy when visiting Francis.

Francis Wan Chai – The Food

Neither Bianca nor I have ever been to Tel-Aviv, or the Middle East for that matter, but if this is how the food tastes on the streets of Tel-Aviv, that’ll be changing soon.

EVERY.SINGLE.DISH – just packed full of flavour. They’ve absolutely nailed it.

  • Taste – 10/10
  • Presentation – 10/10
  • Will to go back for more – 10/10

Francis Wan Chai is one of the places we miss going to having departed Wan Chai, for now at least.

We’ve taken a number of pictures before but frankly, they do it better, so we are sharing pictures from their website and Instagram, which I’m sure will make your mouth water.

Francis Wan Chai
Francis Wan Chai – Picture taken from the Francis Homepage

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Francis Wan Chai – The Staff

Really very nice.

A number of places we’ve written about have provided just the standard service.

It’s always nice to go to a place and feel welcomed, we’ve had a good chat with the staff behind the bar when sitting at the bar, we’ve received smiles and quick service.

It’s all in keeping with a really great lunchtime experience after a hectic morning of work.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Francis!

Francis Wan Chai – The BONUS We Love

I’ve mentioned before Hong Kong is a place that is home to a pet hate of mine, the small-print 10% service charge.

It shouldn’t, but it grinds my gears and genuinely changes my opinion of a place when seeing it written in tiny font on a menu, as if they are trying to dupe you.

So when you come to a place that ignores service charge, it makes us want to go back and support them.

Not only do Francis Wan Chai not include service charge, they even promote that all tips go to staff – HOW IT SHOULD BE!

Francis Wan Chai - No Service Charge
Francis actively promote No Service Charge, which, in Hong Kong, is a big thing! Picture taken from their homepage.

I absolutely loved this, they look at the big picture, and look after their staff.

By forfeiting that 10% extra of profit, they have in the process picked up two customers for life… surely that’s better in the long run, no?

Rant over! Once again, ๐Ÿ† Francis!

Francis Wan Chai – Should You Go?

Of course!

This is a wonderful insight into a fascinating and truly underrated cuisine. There aren’t enough places like this around.

Head there for lunch for best value, but in truth, you’ll be more than satisfied no matter when you go!

Follow their Instagram to get a greater look at their cuisine and restaurant and check out their ever growing list of great reviews on their Tripadvisor page.

Francis Wan Chai – FAQ’s

Where is Francis Hong Kong?

ADDRESS – 4 & 6 St. Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

What cuisine does Francis provide?

Francis is all about cuisine from the streets of Tel-Aviv.

Is there a lunch menu at Francis?

Yes, the lunch menu costs 160HKD per person.

Is there a service charge at Francis?

No, all tips go to staff members, a great touch.

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