A Day at Lago Di Garda – 12 Hours of Pure Bliss in the Sunshine

A day at Lago di Garda - Parco Baia delle Sirene

Unlock The Perfect Day at Lago Di Garda

Parco Baia delle Sirene
A (Perfect) Day at Lago Di Garda

Italy, a completely different pace to life in Hong Kong. Having been back “home” for well over a week now it was time we made the short trip to Lake Garda – so welcome along to our review for a day at Lago di Garda.

We are currently based in Bianca’s hometown of Brescia, a short car journey from Lake Garda itself and it’s a common day trip, weekend trip or holiday trip for Italians and tourists within a fair poke of the area.

For those of you who don’t know, Lago di Garda is not small! Driving around the entire circumference itself would take you a (very) long time so first things first, pick your side.

By that, I mean this…

You’ll notice Lake Garda is long and thin for the most part but looking to the immediate left and right you will see Brescia and Verona, two relatively mid-sized Italian cities.

When I say “pick your side” I mean choose which side you wish to be based on, The Brescian side, or the Veronan side?

Now you’re probably asking “how on earth do I pick”? Good question.

Fact of the matter is you won’t go wrong on either side. The place is gorgeous from top to bottom – the point is, it’s so big that you don’t want to be covering loads of miles in the car instead of spending some quality time next to the Lake itself.

Pick a side, and enjoy your day there.

Being based in Brescia, the standard trip for Brescian’s is of course to stay on their side, so we decided to take the alternative option after finding out about a lovely spot on the Veronan side.

After this we hopped into the car back over to the Brescian side for dinner at a great, and hugely popular restaurant – all of which we’ll introduce to you now.

Welcome to a day at Lago di Garda!

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Parco Baia delle Sirene

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Parco Baia delle Sirene Costs

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Pictures

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Things to Do

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Food Options

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Dinner Time

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Should I Go?

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Parco Baia delle Sirene

The spot we picked is called Parco Baia delle Sirene.

A quick Google of the name probably tells you everything you need to know. The scenery is stunning, the pictures are beautiful – this is Lago Di Garda at it’s finest.

A hot, summer’s day in August, cold, fresh water to cool you down, sun loungers at the ready, bars for food and drink, table tennis tables scattered around the park.

It’s a thing of beauty.

The official website is here if you want further information.

Just for reference the Park is located here:

Presumably most of you will be based on the Verona side if you are looking at coming here but either way, it’s simple enough to get to with the use of a Sat-Nav system.

It’s certainly best to drive here though, the nearest train stop is 20km away (Peschiera del Garda).

Parco Baia delle Sirene can also be accessed by bus, the timetables of which can be found on their website linked above.

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Parco Baia delle Sirene Costs

There are costs to get into the park, this isn’t true for all areas Lago di Garda and really depends on where you go.

Costs are split into season and are as follows:

Peak Season : June 1st – September 1st

Adults13 EUR
Discount after 2.30pm10 EUR
Discount after 4.30pm5 EUR
Self Sufficient Disabled / Children6 EUR
Discount after 2.30pm4 EUR
Discount after 4.30pm3 EUR
Disabled in Need of AssistanceFREE

Off-Peak : September 2nd – September 29th

Adults8 EUR
Discount after 3pm5 EUR
Children4 EUR
Discount after 3pm2 EUR

Opening Hours – Peak Season

Monday – Saturday : 9.30am-8pm

Sunday : 9am – 8pm

Opening Hours – Off-Peak

Everyday : 10am – 7pm

All in all the costs are pretty minimal and for what you get inside it’s well worth it.

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Pictures

For an article like this I always find the pictures are the most powerful, so with that said, I’l going to take a breather whilst you enjoy some of these shots we took.

You can also visit website gallery which will do a far better job of selling the place than I do!

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Things to Do

Lago Di Garda, although all about the killer views and relaxation, offers a number of other things to do as well so you never go bored.

Generally I noticed this is a place where families go to relax and enjoy the cool water, or friends congregate, cool-box in hand, beers at the ready and enjoy a day together in the sun.

Either way you can also enjoy the following:

  • Table tennis tables (rent paddles and balls from them also)
  • Children’s playground area
  • TV area
  • Picnic tables
  • It’s also dog friendly so you can bring your pets also
A day at Lago di Garda

Although it appears busy, there are plenty of spots to pitch up your loungers so it never really feels too crowded.

Also bare in mind this picture was taken mid-August time (peak season). I think having come from Hong Kong less than two weeks ago, anywhere seems less crowded than there!

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Food Options

There’s a number of bars where you can grab a range of food which includes:

  • Pizza’s (obviously)
  • Panini’s (obviously)
  • Pasta (obviously)
  • Beer and Soft Drinks

The prices are all relatively cheap also and the quality is sound. It’s Italy after all, food isn’t something they do badly here generally speaking!

Bianca and I enjoyed a Panini and our friend a pizza.

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Dinner Time

A Day at Lago di Garda – Finished at Grill Garten

For Dinner we made the journey from the Veronan side to the Brescian side (about an hour’s drive in total) to head to a restaurant Bianca and her friend wanted me to sample.

The place is called Grill Garten and as you can imagine, it’s all about meat, and is super popular with locals and tourists in the area.

The seating area is indoor and out, and it’s sizeable – I’m told this place gets BUSY!

Either way we enjoy Cotoletta (a famous Milanese dish) and the Ribs.

Portions are BIG and prices are CHEAP.

It’s nothing mind blowing – but if you’re hungry and you want to stuff your face rotten with meat, I’d say this is a good place to put your money!

Service is also speedy and it was a great way to fill up to end a cracking day at Lago di Garda.

Want to discover proper Italian food? Visit Antico Vinaio in Firenze or Milano!

A Day at Lago Di Garda – Should I Go?

Without a doubt, this is a wonderful gem in northern Italy and it’s popularity is clear for all to see.

With the lake being so vast you have genuinely hundreds of hotel and lake options to choose from.

All of which I am sure provide equally stunning views, and a relaxed break from the daily strains of life.

We’ll certainly be heading back multiple times whilst we are based in Brescia! Maybe we’ll see you there!

A Day at Lago Di Garda – FAQ’s

Where is Lago di Garda?

Lake Gardaย is the largest lake in Italy and is based in northern Italy, about halfway between Brescia and Verona.

Is Lago di Garda, Lake Garda?

Yes Lago di Garda is Italian for Lake Garda.

Is Lake Garda big?

Yes, it’s the largest lake in Italy and the water covers just over 50 square kilometres.

Is Lake Garda touristy?

Yes Lake Garda is a super popular destination for Italians and also Europeans based nearby the northern Italian border.

When is Lake Garda the busiest?

Generally in the Summer when the weather is the warmest. August would certainly be the busiest month and traffic leaving the lake after Ferragosto holiday (August 15th) and the end of Summer holidays (end of August) can be very long on Sunday evenings so plan in advance if you can.

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