Best Italian Bar in Beijing (2020)? 🍻 Look No Further than Buona Bocca

Buona Bocca Beijing

Buona Bocca Beijing – A Cozy Spot in Sanlitun

Buona Bocca literally translates from Italian to English as “good mouth”. Sounds promising…!

Sadly, despite almost three years in Beijing, Bianca and I discovered Buona Bocca later than we’d have hoped.

Upon first visiting Buona Bocca it ticked all the boxes. The wide grin on Bianca’s face tells us everything we need to know.

This was a taste of home for done, done proper.

Many, many, many places all over the world claim to be authentic Italian. It’s no secret why.

Everyone loves Italian food.

That said, especially in Asia, you become sceptical of exactly how authentic it is, even in a big capital city like Beijing.

Can it really live it to the hype?

Thankfully in Buona Bocca’s case it can.

Buona Bocca aren’t quite as active online as some of the places we’ve reviewed, possibly due to it’s location (based in Beijing, home of the great firewall of China) so we particularly hope this review is helpful.

Buona Bocca in Beijing
Buona Bocca in Beijing

Buona Bocca – Where is it?

Buona Bocca – What’s on the Menu?

Buona Bocca – The Staff

Buona Bocca – Online Presence

Buona Bocca – Summary

Buona Bocca – FAQ’s

Buona Bocca – Where is it?

Unfortunately getting a Google map listing when your a business in China isn’t so easy, as Buona Bocca have clearly found out so instead you rely on our word!

Thankfully, Buona Bocca is easy enough to find, as the seating spills out almost onto the pavements.

It’s located in the foreign-friendly part of Beijing known as Sanlitun, not too far from Bottega Pizza.

Speaking of which, you could spend worse evenings in Beijing than filling your boots on a Bottega Pizza after enjoying an Aperitivo at Buona Bocca. Job done!

Bare in mind with the below map neither Bottega nor Buona Bocca have Google Map listings so this is a rough guide, but will get you from A to B

ADDRESS – Lane 4 Xingfu 3 Village, Xindong Road, Chaoyang District 1/F, Building 4, Shoukai Bojun Xingfu, Beijing China


If you are using the Beijing Metro, there isn’t a Metro super close to Buona Bocca, but the nearest is about a 15 minute walk which is Tuanjiehu 团结湖 located on Line 10.

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Buona Bocca – What’s on the Menu?

Buona Bocca Beijing Review
Buona Bocca – picture taken from Tripadvisor

It’s as Italian as it gets!

The owner, Alex is from Emilio Romanga, a region in the north of Italy.

The choices of wine are top drawer (we particularly enjoy the Donnafugata Anthilia from Sicily).

Couple that with a plate of their finest cold cuts, and other light bites and you’ve got a perfect Aperitivo there and then.

Sadly, due to Buona’s Bocca’s lack of website (there is a Bocca Buona who have a website but they are a completely different company based in Slovakia!) we have no pictures of the menu, but take our word for it!

My barometer is always… what does Bianca think.

She’s as Italian as they come, and Buona Bocca passes her test with no problems!

Either way, when we are next in Beijing, we’ll be sure to get some pictures of the updated menu and upload them here for you.

Thumbs up!

Buona Bocca – The Staff

Always pleasant, and always welcoming.

When we were based in Beijing a visit to Buona Bocca became a fixed event in our monthly calendar. Our Italian friends also enjoyed our discovery.

As mentioned above, Alex the owner was always a pleasure to talk with and the remaining staff likewise.

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Buona Bocca – Online Presence

As stated already, sadly Buona Bocca’s online presence is sadly lacking.

We are in a day and age where many, many people like to take a look at where they go before going. This could be especially true in a huge city like Beijing where getting from A to B can take some time.

Bianca and I know more than anyone, however, that living in China can make things like running social media accounts quite a chore, and sometimes just plain difficult.

This cannot be truer said than for a Google Map listing which in many cases just isn’t possible in China. The difference that can make to a brand is huge these days.

We hope Buona Bocca manage to get a stronger online presence to show off their excellent brand in the future!

Buona Bocca – Summary

It’s a resounding success from us. Excellent wine, equally strong food, and a pretty chilled setting away from the main hustle and bustle of Sanlitun, yet still right in the heart of the action somehow.

One of the things we miss about Beijing is enjoying a reasonably priced Aperitivo here (not so easy in Hong Kong!).

We wish them all the very best – if you are in the area, pop along and grab a seat outside if the weather’s on your side!

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Buona Bocca – FAQ’s

Where is Buona Bocca?

Buona Bocca is based in the heart of the foreign friendly district of Sanlitun 三里屯
ADDRESS – Lane 4 Xingfu 3 Village, Xindong Road, Chaoyang District 1/F, Building 4, Shoukai Bojun Xingfu, Beijing China

What’s the nearest Metro Station to Buona Bocca?

There isn’t a Metro super close to Buona Bocca, but the nearest is about a 15 minute walk which is Tuanjiehu 团结湖 located on Line 10.

What cuisine does Buona Bocca provide?

Buona Bocca provides authentic Italian cuisine

What does Buona Bocca mean in Italian?

Buona Bocca literally translates to “good mouth”.

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