All’Antico Vinaio 😍 Quite Probably The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

Antico Vinaio - You cannot leave Firenze without trying one

A Food Experience You Absolutely Cannot Miss – Antico Vinaio Review (2020)

The title kind of gives away my thoughts for this Antico Vinaio review, but it’s hard to hold back when the tastes, flavours and feeling still remain so strong, almost 5 months after actually consuming the product!

Antico Vinaio (also known as Osteria All’Antico Vinaio) was an experience I’ll never forget, and I have Bianca to thank for discovering it.

I remember coming out with this quote about half way through, and then again at the end…

This is 100% the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life!

Pretty conclusive stuff.

Antico Vinaio describe themselves as “one of the best street foods in Italy“. Although I cannot claim to have tried all of them, I can safely state they are not lying here! They can’t all hit this standard, not even in Italy, surely!

Antico Vinaio Review – What is it?

Antico Vinaio Review – Where is it?

Antico Vinaio Review – What to Eat?

Antico Vinaio Review – When to Visit?

Antico Vinaio Review – The Staff?

Antico Vinaio Review – Expensive?

Antico Vinaio Review – Summing Up

Great News to Finish

What is Antico Vinaio?

Antico Vinaio is a sole branch based in Firenze (Florence) that sells sandwiches/panini in a nutshell.

Doesn’t sound too exciting, but when we factor in the following, we start to realise we are dealing with something rather special:

Way to gain your trust right?! You’re sold already aren’t you?!

These are huge numbers for a solitary shop that sells sandwiches/panini. Clearly whatever they do, they do it very well indeed.

Antico Vinaio Review - Nice Selection

At a risk of irritating any of our Italian readers we’ll stop saying sandwiches/panini and refer to the official term, being in this specific case “Schiacciata” (literally meaning pressed).

Schiacciata is the type of bread you enjoy here and is typically from Firenze. It’s a slightly squashed, thinner Focaccia.

Where is Antico Vinaio?

At the time of writing there is just the sole branch, as stated, in Firenze/Florence.

All’Antico Vinaio is located right near the world famous Uffizi Gallery by the River Arno.

We recommend you visit Antico Vinaio after a half day trip to the Uffizi Gallery as we did. It’s a great way to work up a hunger, and the reward is oh so sweet.

It couldn’t be easier to find from the Uffizi, with just a 3 minute walk to be had.

ADDRESS – Via dei Neri, 76R, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

The entrance to All’Antico Vinaio is small and humble, given the fact it’s so popular.

This is proper, local food at it’s finest. No big name flashy brands, they don’t need it.

The food does the talking here at Antico Vinaio. The food simply sells itself.

Antico Vinaio - Out the front
Antico Vinaio – Out the front

What to Eat at Antico Vinaio?

Antico Vinaio - You cannot leave Firenze without trying one
Antico Vinaio – You cannot leave Firenze without trying one

Whatever the hell you want!

It’s all off the scale there is no way you can go wrong here!

Bianca and myself have rather different palettes so as usual, we went opposite directions:

Being a fan of spice I went with the rather enticingly named “L’Inferno”. Best choice I ever made!

Just take a look at that picture and tell me how it can be improved!?

They fit absolutely everything they can into it and you leave utterly dead on your feet, yet so satisfied… it’s quite hard to comprehend!

Bianca ordered “The Boss”, equally impressive and packed to the rafters with flavour.

Honestly, it’s hard to justify how good Antico Vinaio is with words.

I hope the pictures do them some form of justice, otherwise, your just going to have to take my word for it and get yourself there pronto!

The menu itself is ever changing. You’ll see the choices at the entrance. There is something for every palette so don’t go worrying about that.

CLEVER HACK – they cleverly list their menu on their Instagram highlights, check it out and see what they have right now, including filling and picture!

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When to visit Antico Vinaio?


When to visit? When you are hungry right? Sure, but there’s something to note here, and I’m glad I had Bianca to forewarn me.

Timing is everything when visiting All’Antico Vinaio.

Like queueing? Sure thing, go at peak eating hours and you’ll be treated to lengthy queues whilst your stomach grumbles… be my guest!

Prefer to nip in at a quieter hour and grab a seat?

Skip (or have a light) breakfast and head to Antico Vinaio at around 11/11:30am.

Not only did we enjoy a queue-less experience, but we even managed to enjoy the food inside, and admire the interior, which as a tourist, I also enjoyed. Italian products absolutely everywhere!

Antico Vinaio - Great spread!

The Staff at Antico Vinaio?

Antico Vinaio - Not staff, but Bianca!
Antico Vinaio – Not staff, but Bianca!

Despite the fact my understanding of the conversation was little to minimal (Bianca took charge here due to the fact my Italian has barely taken off to date), what I could see was a group of chaps behind the counter, laughing, joking and having a good time.

Their energy is infectious, their passion for the product likewise.

I am convinced they are part of the reason the brand of Antico Vinaio has become so popular and well renowned.

4/5 of them just having a good time, all the time.

When asking Bianca she stated “the guys are super nice and friendly, and ready to make jokes, very much in the tradition of Florence.”

Well summed up!

ENGLISH? – well as the staff spoke solely in Italian to Bianca, I am not 100% but we are pretty sure between them, you’d have no problem using English, so don’t let that put you off. You’ll have fun either way with them!

Is All’Antico Vinaio Expensive?

Absolutely not!

In a day and age of overpriced rubbish everywhere, All’Antico Vinaio charges next to nothing for something that will fill you for the rest of the day!

A solitary FIVE EURO for their giant “Schiacciata“. As good as bargains come.

There’s none of this service charge garbage, no extras, just a great food experience for a ridiculously cheap price. They could charge double and I’d still feel I had great value for money.

Hats off Antico Vinaio!

Summing Up

If you are in or even near Firenze, plan a day around this place. It goes without saying.

Food experiences that good, that cheap and that enjoyable have to be experienced.

This was my 2nd trip to Italy. We ate some increbible food thanks to Bianca who made sure we ate the best stuff in Italy!

Antico Vinaio though, was my number #1… that says it all given the fact we spent almost 20 days in Italy, that’s a lot of good food!

Great News to Finish

Antico Vinaio are planning to open a branch in Milano also. Huge news!

There are also pop-up stores in New York and LA so check their availability, I honestly hope you are in luck!

Have you been to Antico Vinaio before? What did you think? Which looks the most enticing for you? Share your experiences below!

Antico Vinaio – FAQ’s

Where is Antico Vinaio?

It’s barely a few hundred metres from the Uffizi Gallery.
ADDRESS – Via dei Neri, 76R, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

Is Antico Vinaio expensive?

No! A solitary FIVE EUROS for their giant “Schiacciata“. As good as bargains come.

What do Antico Vinaio sell?

Antico Vinaio is a sole branch based in Firenze (Florence) that sells sandwiches/panini’s in a nutshell.

Are there more Antico Vinaio branches?

Their 2nd branch will be based in Milano, currently these are the only two full time branches, with pop-up stores in the US every so often.

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