What is Umami?

Street food recommended on Netflix - Seoul
Street food in Seoul

Well… it’s been a year that I have been trying to answer this myself since I first heard about it!

“Umami… What’s that?!?”

Let’s start technically. Umami is a Japanese word that can be translated into ‘pleasant, savoury taste’.

It is one of the five basic tastes together with salty, sweet, bitter and sour. Easy right? Well, no.

Because how do you even identify it? I remember when growing up, we were taught to recognise the different flavours, sometimes blindfolded we had to taste what was, and distinguish each type according to the feeling on our tongue.

So where is Umami?!

For me, Umami is much more than simply a taste

It’s what makes you say delicious when you try something new, that bite that a put a smile on your face, that je ne sais quoi that you just can’t identify, the sixth sense whispering to you, that shiver down your spine, those butterflies in your stomach when you fell in love.

Umami is the great taste of life, it’s cheeky, it’s unexpected but when you try it, you cannot get enough.

Who Are We?

Umami Life is ran by Bianca and Max. We are (currently) engaged and based in Asia. Bianca is from Brescia, Italy (not so far from Milan) and I am from Cheltenham, England (somewhere between Oxford and Bristol).

We met in Beijing and have based almost our entire relationship together in Asia despite a few visits back home to Europe here and there.

Bianca, being one for ideas and creativity, and Max being the man with the in-depth web knowledge, we thought this “lifestyle blog” could be a fun concept. Born from the idea of sharing with our families and friends living far away our daily life, interests and findings, we hope this could be helpful and amusing for people who wants to find out new alluring, umami, ways.

A project for us to tackle, together, and see how far we get. With Umami Life, we just want to share what we discover.

We hope you enjoy the blog as it develops! Please do give us any feedback you desire on our contact page.

Max & Bianca